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Laura Kuenssberg is so biased against the conservatives it is embarrassing. Work mates friends and family all agree. She is a very good reporter but her bias really lets her down. She is like it every time on TV very bias against the conservatives. She really should be taken off TV

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  1. Polly Price

    She is an absolute disgrace to her profession & should be reprimand3d by the BBC for her blatant bias. For God’ sake she is meant to be a professional & therefore should be able to contain her sneering attitude to anything Tory

  2. Ralph Curle

    Tony, what world are you living on? Kuenssberg along with many other BBC ‘Journalists’ are clearly pro Tory and anti Corbyn. Sir Michael Lyons, former head of the trust admitted this a year ago. They constantly try to attack his character and cut off labour MPs with unprofessional interviewing. Whilst at the same time giving tories more air time and not questioning them as hard.
    Stop reading the Mail / Telegraph and go and do something productive.

  3. richard

    I agree except that after a strong start she is more intent on getting herself on screen, asking her question rather than receiving the reply (which ar edited much shorter than her question. Ive noticed that she actually adds very little to what we already know…she looks and sounds good but a bit vacuous.

    Radio 5 live outdid itself in it’s support for the labour party on the eve of the election. The Drive phone in featured many more callers who intended to vote labour. Out of the last 12 I counted 10 for and 2 tories

  4. Jessica Frost

    The BBC, with Laura Kuenssberg reporting especially are so un-professional whenever it comes to reporting about anything Conservative based… it’s just a continuous sneering.
    My family and I are just disgusted with the continuous propaganda and bias towards Labour over the last few weeks and obvious sway against Conservative. They may not have made the best decisions and probably need to look at who they employ advisors wise, but with all the terrible things happening to the country – the BBC is whipping the public up into a frenzy, and it is turning into a Witch hunt at the moment – and we are sick of it. So we have all started watching the news on ITV now… As at least they come across as more Neutral.

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