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Richard Dawkins: Brits have not spoken on Brexit.
This is a total disgrace, it now saying that a 66% majority is needed for Brexit ! points:
1, Would this idiot of even done this if we voted 52% remain ? – I think not !
2. He says ignorant and mis-informed public, obviously not the Remain voters who are as we know the educated elite ! and they know what is best for the “the great unwashed” unbeliveable aggrogance !
3, It is asserted that we have condemned future generations to be forever impoverished.
Brexit if done correctly offers massive opportunities for future generations at ever level
Whereis the balance here ? I haven’t seen anything that even tries to counter this.
This is a total disgrace ! The BBC might as well change its name to Remain News or PRO EU news. because it is a joke that these guys are neutral.

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  1. Mr Derek Morgan

    What is so clever about being dictated to on how we are to live our lives by unelected and unaccountable foreign powers. I seem to recall that hundreds of thousands of Brits gave their lives to give us the democratic right to determine our own destiny by election of our own Parliaments who would rule subject to the will of the British people. Can I suggest that Dawkins and other collaborators of the E.U. visit the War Graves through out Europe full of English dead and bow their heads in shame.

  2. David

    Both my Grandfathers along with countless other fathers fought in WW1 and WW2 to stop Germany taking the upper hand The BBC and all remoaners should be tried for treason and be dealt the same deal as Guy Fawkes

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