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I cannot believe what i witnessed on this news this evening, what is it with the BBC that it is stilll championing and support remainers, the time they gave John Major and their reporter was ridiculous , it does not matter one hoot what John Major has to say, it is over the population voted out and that is what we should all now support with positive actions, but instead the BBC is hell bent on negative anti Brexit propaganda from as many chancres that dare to open there sorry mouths. I fully support what President Trump had exposed about the BBC, it does not give accurate news on reality but its own agenda to twist the real news. Very sad it could be a shinning light to the world and the people, but it is lost in distortion of facts.

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  1. Oliver

    A very large minority of the country also voted Remain, and we have no requirement, legally or ethically to support the decision with positive actions. I personally respect the democratic decision, and think now it has been decided it should happen, but it should still be open to critcism and debate.

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