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Dear BBC,
Not normally one to complain but yesterday was absolutely the last straw, virtually every item on the lunchtime news gave a very negative aspect of the British withdrawal from the eurostate. I know you rely heavily on funding from Brussels but you need to be reminded that the name includes the description British Broadcasting Corporation, your first duty to the population of this country is to keep them informed without bias, the complete refusal to promote enthusiasm & optimism for the very bright future we now have ahead of us is almost treasonable. The local evening news fares no better. The gloom & doom forecasts of Countryfile were in complete opposition to real hard facts, British agriculture only gets back half of the amount paid into the eurostate, at present our farmers are actually subsidising the opposition they face in the market place. The referendum voted in favour of leaving the eurostate & its about time the BBC accepted the result, no more biased QT with panels unfairly loaded with remainers giving them the platform to continually complain & put down this Great Britain that will flourish without the directives & targeted subsidies which have undermined our economy. Brexit will mean the end of numerous BBC employees dashing off to report on foreign events, its now time to take a long hard look at your expenditure because when you become reliant on the BBC LIcence Fee you will find you no longer have an audience to watch your programs, as a long-time viewer I am considering ditching BBC programs to watch alternatives, this will also raise future questions on the legality of an imposed Licence Fee. Please listen to your audience & take note…….while you still have one.

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