BBC live: Brussels attacks: Latest updates

BBC didn’t waste anytime yesterday to capitalise upon the dreadful events in Brussels and are determined in their promotion of the idea that staying in the EU would be safer, whilst minimising the inadequacies of Belgian security. Continually during the BBC special broadcast the quotes running beneath the commentary were Hollandes, ‘It was Europe that was targeted.’ and ‘Must make sure our Unity is not affected.’ and Merkel’s, ‘Attacks directed at EU’. I hesitated to complain at the time but felt (and I’m sure I’m not alone) that the BBC was using this tragedy to point score in advance of the referendum in order to persuade us that leaving would be dangerous.
So imagine my annoyance when I saw today on the BBC online live update ‘Right wing politicians score points’. Using the EUobserver as it’s source said that UKIP’s MIke Hookem had ‘… blamed the attacks on the EU’s freedom of movement laws and on Germany’s decision to welcome refugees.’ Whilst Mr. Hookem did mention Schengen in this context he didn’t mention Germany at all, he did speak of ‘… the EU’s open door migration policies that have allowed this situation to develop.’ which is not the same thing at all. Of course the BBC did not bother to mention that Mr Hookem had said first and foremost, ‘I’m appalled at the needless loss of life and injuries caused by these heartless attacks and my thoughts go out to all those affected.’ because, unsurprisingly, the EUobserver hadn’t bothered to quote Mike Hookem upon this point either. The EUobserver went to some pains to lump UKIP’s message in with Islamaphobic comments from Geert Wilder and Marine Le Pen and of course the BBC are simply lapping up that comparison. By using a secondary source the BBC can of course distance themselves from misrepresentation.
I’m appalled that the BBC should attempt to accuse Brexiteers of point scoring upon this issue when they shamelessly used the image of a dead child last year to promote their own agenda regarding the migrant crisis which I found sick to say the least.

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