BBC EU Referendum Reality Check

BBC EU Referendum Reality Check:
Do we get £1,200 back for every £120 we put into the EU?

A question asked at today’s PMQs. The answer from the BBC in their Reality Check series?
Totally unsubstantiated from both the BBC and CBI link(where does the figure of £3000 per household come from?) Failed to question the CBI’s lack of impartiality as it is a know fact that they receive EU funding. Thought the whole point of a reality check was to present the facts from both sides!!

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  1. Howard Smith

    We have an elected party set to run the country to the best of their ability, protect the country and our service/manufacturing sectors within a global market.
    Not an EU only market, we never joined it, we were told it was a common market.

    We know now,were sold a pup on easy access to Europe without passports and no borders.
    We were never told by the leaders that we as an island would lose control of our borders and fishing rights.

    We are an island and thought we would be protected, but the changes to fishing have been dramatic and always played down by the government who are pro-Europeans.

    I take my passport everywhere every year, as I did before.
    I have never gone into a European airport without taking my passport in my lifetime.

    It is the roads where you cross borders un-checked in cars and trucks, this is where it all falls down.
    Weak points on immigration are the ports, they are saturated with vehicles and we end up with a random check service but passports are required.

    The Answer is re-instate border controls, everyone needs to show their passports, or swipe card/finger print/iris check.
    Remember we have to re-new some form of ID anyway and show it every time we leave the UK, just make it safe.

    Implement them, and get rid of this stupid idea we can cross borders without checks.
    Check points will delay trips but rest assured you will stop unwanted people entering .
    Take their passports when they apply for Asylum or residence to prove they are genuine.
    They can be returned after an agreed time once approved, any movement must be recorded or deportation is mandatory.

    Daily we are bombarded with answers as to why we must remain in the EU, we as tax payers want nothing more from the elected government but a true and honest life going forward including costs to us staying in the EU, and a true honest life out of the EU.

    Should we the population, not them decide to stay or leave we expect the elected party in power to offer us the best results and a promise to fight for us within the EU to give us the best deal possible.

    The more we listen to the government, the more we hear about the doom and gloom, they have no belief in us.
    If we decide to leave, it means the majority believe they are good enough, and believe the government can negotiate a worldwide trading agreement without the Germans/French/Spanish/Swedish interference.

    The government need to give us factual and true information if possible.
    we all realise if we do not pay in to the EU, we save money.
    If we spend the rebate value only we are no worse off.
    The remaining funds we put to work to generate more returns.
    We have two years and that is a lot of money.
    The country trades as normal for two years and builds up new trade deals around the world.

    The European community have two years to find another market for their goods.
    I understand that if we receive taxes on our goods we will meet them on their goods so it must balance out.
    Or we stop buying and wait and see what happens to the euro/European Union without our money and goods purchased.

    We give this money blindly into a system that we are told works for us.
    I am 58 years old and I never signed up to be in the Eurozone and agreed we would protect any foreign European Banks or Country in trouble within the EU.
    We never signed up to mass immigration either.

    We in the UK are a technical and inventive nation and I have noticed we are being supressed by the EU, in recent years UK profitable businesses have been bought out by foreign players, some good some bad.
    Our government EU officials are riding a gravy train more interested in the money tree than UK businesses and the problems they are signing up for.
    UK companies are becoming low profit companies, because we meet the costs imposed by current EU regulations and other major players ignore them.

    We all are aware of the turmoil in the EU is failing daily and imploding, it is on the news every day.
    So why does the government think we are so ignorant that we would not take note of the crisis in Greece Italy France and even Germany.

    If we chose to leave, why not give us a chance to fly and test our wings.
    They say we have two years before we are clear of the EU control agreements, so let’s use it to our advantage, how far could we be in this safe unchanged limited time.

    I for the last 40 years bought British equipment manufactured in this country by the likes of GEC. Now they have been bought out by EU companies who want to rid the EU market of any UK competition. Our Stock Exchange included

    available to me in this country equipment supplied by a German/ Swedish company ( made in China ) as it is in America
    Chinese products at EU manufacturing and labour rates. Chinese steel sold at EU rates and EU labour costs but made in China re-branded.
    So like Dyson we need to be buying metal products for a fraction of the costs just like the German/Swedish/French and sell them direct into our own markets that they sell to now.

    We are well aware how UK Steel is worthless and low grade UK steel can’t compete
    Our market has been destroyed by the EU and if we lose our steel producing capability we will be in trouble in the future.
    There is something wrong here in the governments thinking here as we are a military nation that depends on steel.

    So if we stay, so be it
    But if not

    Believe in us.
    Give us a chance to feed our families and our businesses with home grown home produced quality products.
    Then take it further as before and become the trading nation we have always been.
    Show the EU disbelievers in the year of the queens 90th birthday that we can pull together and shine as we did in 1945.

    We are a nation of hard workers and thrive when our backs are against the wall, so just give us the true figures we need to meet and watch us shine.
    It will not be easy but we will be in control of our own destiny, we can’t carry on with the current taxes immigration etc that is not improving our growth but stifling our growth.
    We can,and will live with a hit in our standards as long as we can if we can see an improvement on the horizon. At the moment all we can see is our National Health is on it’s knees. National insurance numbers are being issued like sweeties and money is being given paid out without scrutiny by government departments in the millions.

    We know buy more from the EU and that is a fact, so let the stay in party explain to the country why the German manufacturing and the French manufacturing and the Spanish/Italian manufacturing would risk us not buying their products.
    Explain how their economies will suffer if we stop buying their cars and white goods and how their market will look like after the two year agreement.
    The UK will have to suffer we will not by Sports cars, Limos, Trucks, Trains, Coaches White Goods etc.
    Tools, Food Wine Spirits etc.
    We will put import charges to stop us buying such stuff.

    We will just have to spend our money buying Japanese, Chinese, Indian and American cars produced in the UK or abroad as we have to get from A-B somehow.0
    Kitchen equipment will no longer be Bosch, Nef, etc, we will start producing again over here, how sad is it sounding.
    UK consumers just become nationalist and stop buying EU goods if we are treated badly.
    oh I forgot what about our tourist expenditure who will get that, no more Euros, dollars and Yen look good

    We want to see more UK homes buying UK quality kit, at good prices because we no longer have to meet EU restrictions for our own market.
    This is not a drop in quality it will be cheaper because of not having to meet standards that America and China and India do not have to meet
    Expanding on manufacture for the home market and positive government pushing growth, wanting us to grow faster and become the best in the world not the 4th or 5th best in the world.

    We are sick of meeting European rules that when we go abroad UK rules do not apply in Spain or France.
    They chose to ignore rules and it costs UK Businesses big money to comply so they make more money cutting corners. We like sheep follow these rules to the letter (almost like it is a law) and we are putting small businesses on the brink of closure.
    Because our government follow the rules and inforce them they never whilst on holiday notice that other EU members states businesses do not follow the rules they signed up for.
    This is because they have never worked in industry or on site and have no concept of what problems they are inflicting on UK industries.

    The press need to put their money where their mouth is work with the out teams get the best brains working out the true losses or wins by staying or leaving.

    We need to open up the debate, and decide one way or the other
    But if we have to stay in we must be the strongest member nation possible in the EU, not the poor excuse we have at the moment , who can’t win an argument.
    The UK always feels like the poor relation, but they love payday.

    If our government are not up to the job to lead us in or out, then rest assure they will be out on their ear in the next election.
    They know this, but why does it feel as if they have a different agenda, Why do these rich boys want to stay, what are we missing. Is it Euro jobs with big money further down the line if they lead us in.

    We stay in, they make a packet and we suffer for the rest of our lives?
    If they have no motive to stay in but to make things better, why have they not solved the deficit, immigration, hospital crisis and school places.
    Answer, because it will never effect the lives of their family or their children.

    Money makes money, if you have no money how do you better yourself. Like me you work hard and if you are lucky someone with money helps you grow.
    You never forget this and you help someone else grow, maybe two or three now we are growing and improving other lives.


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