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Over the last few weeks, leading figures for Remain have been headline news, not only on the webpage but also on the news broadcasts. So, imagine my surprise when I read that Sir James Dyson had joined the leave campaign and turned on the news at 7:00am to hear it as an aside to the Nobel winners who wanted to remain. The same happened when JCB came out for leave the other day – this story appeared on the site as a sub story (as with Dyson) – if they’d been for remain, it would have been a sensational coup splashed across the top of the BBC news webpage and left for days and mentioned every 30 seconds on the news. Not trying to sway undecideds at all, are you BBC?
Impartiality is just a 12 letter word to the BBC.

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Good one MF!

    The BBC is a four letter word! Oh sorry, maths was never my strong point, but I am sure everyone will understand what I mean.

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