BBC Breakfast

Not just on this day but for almost every day on BBC Breakfast in the business section, all reporting of financial data whether good or bad is never without a caveat about Brexit. If the figures are good then the comment is, “but things are likely to get worse in 2017 because of Brexit.” If the figures are not good then, of course, Brexit is the culprit. There is the incessant negative reference to our leaving the EU. There are never any unqualified statements about any aspect of leaving the EU being positive.

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  1. Hilly

    I agree. The BBC is working against the national interest with all this negativity and filtered news about leaving the EU. They have been very dishonest about the real reasons why the British people voted out, bashing away at their argument that we are all racist bigots. I can’t wait until April when we can submit our complaints to Ofcom. At last a complaints system external to the BBC. Its time for the culture within the BBC to change so that it moves away from just representing the members of their ‘club’.

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