Andrew Marr

Subliminal pro-EU bias. Allison Pearson for Leave was constantly interrupted by Marr and ex BBC Presenter Flanders who’s pro-EU (surprised?). In contrast, the BBC allowed Our Steph a free shot. Nor did not Marr ask her why she got it so wrong over the euro, nor was she challenged over any of the highly dubious claims made by the InFacts site which she promotes. Nor was it disclosed to viewers that she now works for JPMorgan, who are donors to Remain. Nor were any awkward questions asked about JPM and conflicts of interest.
Marr did manage to convey the subliminal message that Remain is to the advantage of younger (18-34) voters, by implying their futures would be adversely affected. No attempt was made to consider the mass unemployment of younger EU citizens, nor the potential superior futures for UK youngsters of a sovereign UK government trading with the whole globe, rather than shackle itself to a region in stark decline, for which UK youngsters will be expected to pay.

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