Andrew Marr show report on BBC website

The headline is “Majors anger at Leave campaign ‘deceit'”. The headline influences readers psychology to link deceit with Leave campaign. Why did the headline not be something that Boris said?
This is not the first time bbc is favoring Remain campaign through biased headlines, short and full of impact but no context.
BBC must review ALL headlines in future and apologise for its choice of headlines. BBC online news is consistently providing far too much coverage to what Remain campaign says in its headlines. This has got to stop. This organisation has far too much readership and is increasingly biased for remain campaign in the manner it is reporting. I will continue to highlight examples.

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  1. Tee2

    I’ve consistently complained to the BBC about the issue you highlight here, but of course I get no where. Apparently the BBC don’t have an opinion on the referendum!
    You’re right,BBC should be forced to review this practice but even if they could be persuaded to so the damage to the out campaign will have already been done. I just hope that it is not too detrimental.

  2. MF37

    I agree, BestforBritain & Tee2, that the BBC be made accountable to their license payers and not sway public opinion one way or another but I’ve got to say, BfB, if you are going to continue to highlight examples of BBC bias, you have more staying power than I do. If I came on here to highlight every bit of bias, every misleading headline and every pro EU/anti Leave heading on the BBC, I wouldn’t work, I wouldn’t sleep and I’d just be sitting here typing all day.
    The BBC have many problems, one being that they are self governing and feel they can write/show/comment on whatever they like no matter who they offend. They should be accountable to the license payer but they feel they are above such trivialities as respecting the wishes of those who pay their wages.
    I have sent countless complaints to them regarding the crux of your comment and the replies are always generic templates. All I hope is that this site is not just a messageboard for people who have issues with the BBC but one that holds the BBC accountable for its many errors.

  3. Martin Gomersall

    I’ve been in a bad mood all day since the A.M debacle. Some
    consolation in finding comments here that could have come from me…….

  4. Ian W

    This has been their headline all day long – achieving maximum possible exposure. Nothing else in the world was more important than a report on their own bleeping programme.

  5. Elle ford

    I’ve turned off of Andrew Marr, the bias way he goes about what he says because you can tell he won’t to stay in. Even if it’s the Unions telling him what to say the damage is done. Union’s stink, they are not for the working man. I had to join a union whether I liked it or not.

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