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I have been a great fan of Andrew Marr Show
Today’s show was extremely disappointing raking over the referendum claims for both sides. Intelligent viewers, as I guess most watching Marr are, all know they were full of hyperbole(it’s the sad nature of the political classes) SO WHY GO RAKING IT OVER AGAIN WHEN WE NEED MOVE FORWARD
It would have been so much better to start building on the referendum decision going forward. Andrew’s questioning was so negative with little to look at how we make the decision by I guess the majority of BBC viewers to leave work
This type of negativity is self fulfilling
The BBC is a National institution owned by the tax payers and viewed all over World. The decision has been made whether we like it or not. Whilst not encouraging bias PLEASE ensure you now look forward and talk about how we can leverage our now more democratic status in the world.
Please don’t continue with the self destructing negativity across the BBC

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  1. D L M Stringer

    Shame Marr isn’t as bright as he thinks he is! It is so easy to set traps and win arguments if one can prepare in advance and the other person is unable to do so! In a straight debate with even Boris, Marr would lose every time, and Boris admits he isn’t a genius.

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