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Whilst interviewing John Major, Andrew Marr allowed JM to ramble on incessantly without any interruption. Yet when Boris Johnson was interviewed, Andrew Marr was damn right rude, constantly interrupted him & never let the poor chap finish a sentence. The BBC had also gone to great lengths to present evidence that reflected awkwardly on BJ & the ‘out’ campaign, yet had presented nothing of a comparative nature to JM & the ‘remain’ campaign. I want to hear both sides of the referendum debate, the facts & details, not simply what the BBC consider is appropriate to suit their cause. It is the BBC’s responsibility to remain impartial in this EU debate, but the volume of air-time given & the ‘selective’ time slots allocated to promoting the ‘remain’ campaign, far outweighs any equivalent television / radio time given to the ‘out’ campaign. Furthermore, I am also disappointed that the ‘remain’ campaign appears to receive ‘positive – quality’ air-time & yet much of any air-time given to the ‘out’ campaign is presented in a ‘negative’ fashion, almost to the point of ridicule. I am appalled at the BBC’s blatant acts of bias in this referendum / debate.

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  1. Mike Stringer

    The BBC is a national disgrace and the mouthpiece for the Remain campaign. The bias is obvious in every possible classification – time/duration allocated, attitude of presenters, behaviour of presenters, the “evidence” introduced and so on. The Marr presentation on Sunday is NOT a one off, it is an example of standard BBC behaviour.
    I believe the BBC has a legal obligation to adopt a neutral stance on political issues. It is obvious that presentations since May 2016 have become more and more extreme. I now have evidence taken from the Marr “interviews of Major and Johnson that demonstrate an outrageous bias. For the remainder of the campaign, I shall continue to collect evidence. If the BBC does not remedy its abuse of power, I shall seek a means of holding the BBC to account!

  2. D L M Stringer

    Sorry Sandra, you are sadly mistaken! Major was allowed to speak, Johnson was not.

    Major always appeared, in public, to be a calm, rational person, but, behind the scenes his language was anything but calm and reasonable. For instance, he was recorded referring to others as “bastards” way back when he was PM.

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