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Amber Rudd interview. Pro-EU bias by omission. Ms Rudd is a member of the Govt and a Remain campaigner. She was asked by Marr about the validity of issuing a £9.3m pro-EU leaflet. Yet, Marr failed to challenge her on any of the claims that leaflet makes. Of 15 questions asked of her by Marr, only 2 related to EU policy issues. Irish Border and Farming. Marr simply gave Rudd a free hit on both. She gave the exactly same robotic answer of “there will be a lot of uncertainty if we leave the EU”. Not one of Marr’s 15 questions attempted to scrutinise pro-EU claims. Disgraceful.

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  1. Margaret Salasidis

    Helena Kennedy was too domineering and aggressive on the panel this morning. Andrew Marr should have intervened much sooner than he did to let others speak. Also, she referred to the English Football fans in France as British. Of course they are British but they are there to support England and England alone. As a proud Scot, she was being disingenuous in not making this point clear for fear, no doubt, of distancing the audience she wished to draw into her Remain camp. If they had been Scots, be sure they would not have been called British, by her or anyone else. For the record, I am in the Remain camp.

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