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Why is Nigel Farage being given air time, the man campaigned on lies and then resigned when is was obvious that he had no plan to go forward after the vote, surely there are more current candidates than this, he has had plenty to say about what others should be doing, and then leave the scene when the real work needs to be done. The massive increase in Race crime in Britain needs to be laid at firmly at Mr Farage’s door after the untruths that he peddled, where are the questions about what he is doing to counteract that?

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  1. Michael

    1) Nigel Farage has not nor ever has been in power therefore, whatever the result of the referendum, he could not implement any kind of plan.
    2) The Remain campaign pedalled the lie that UK households would be £4,300 worse off in the event of Brexit. Many Remainers, since the vote, have admitted this figure to be a fallacy.
    3) The Remain campaign stated that the EU army was a myth pedalled by the Leave campaign to scare voters into Brexit. It has since been proved (as it was in many EU documents pre vote) that the EU army policies do exist and the EU are currently in negotiations with member states to ratify the details – most member states are against it, by the way.
    4) Hate crime existed before the referendum and was perpetrated by all races though the BBC has a nasty habit of reporting only those perpetrated by indigenous against foreigners. UKIP spoke about issues which other parties wouldn’t. If you want to lay blame at anyone’s door, look at those who would identify, through tools such as political correctness, people by their race, gender, sex and nationality – these are the people/sections which create division.
    5) Your question of air time is one for the BBC. Nigel Farage, regardless of what many think of him, founded UKIP in order to extricate the UK from the EU. He succeeded and will go down as one of the most important politicians of the 21st century. This isn’t bluster or sycophancy, this is fact and this is why he is given air time. As long as our current government negotiate our way out of the EU, UKIP are needed to hold the governments feet to the fire, to ensure that the deal we get is the deal we voted for and since UKIP are the reason we are leaving, they deserve air time (also, they are the UK’s 3rd largest party in terms of votes).

    Rather than being blatantly anti-Farage, you should look at the vote from both perspectives, look at the statistics from a balanced view, check and compare reports from both sides before launching into an attack which justifies the obvious stance you take.

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