Andrew Marr

Two of the guests who were giving comments on the Sunday Papers were Ayesha Hazarike and Nigel Farage. Ayesha Hazarike continually interrupted and spoke over Nigel Farage during the time he was trying to make his comments, at Andrew Marr’s request, on Brexit and other subjects in the papers. My complaint is that Andrew Marr did nothing to prevent this but allowed these continuing and infuriating interruptions to continue which meant we could not hear what Nigel Farage was trying to say and probably prevented his saying more.
Would the BBC please prevent this sort of thing happening in the future by getting Andrew Marr to act as a proper Chairman of the programme. I would add that Andrew Marr is quick enough to interrupt the talk of Brexiteers but not that of Remainers or left-wing speakers which once again shows the BBC’s anti-Brexit bias.

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