Tonight’s edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme “Analysis” by Anand Menon consisted not of any ‘analysis’ but rather the post-Brexit continuation of the BBC’s key role in Project Fear. In a series of interviews with obviously rattled and aggrieved Pro-EU MPs and functionaries from Germany, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic, listeners were instructed that “you made your soup, now eat it”, “you started the fire, now suffer the blisters” and were offered similar colloquial phrases about suffering dire consequences in the local tongues. No attempt was made to balance the ‘interviews’ – an unbroken series of warnings by EU insiders that Britain would be made to pay for its actions in undermining EU ‘solidarity’; even if the member states damaged their own economies in the process. Not a single alternate viewpoint from any non pro-EU source in those territories was heard. In the foreground, repeatedly, the song “We’re On the Road to Nowhere” was used as a refrain about Brexit. This was not a work of impartial journalism: it was a piece of shameless ‘Remain’ propaganda.

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  1. stephen abbotts

    I am passed expecting the BBC to be true to its charter……I don’t think there is anyone at the BBC who wants a balanced rebate about Brexit…………look at the nonsense of Radio 4 Today News Deloitte’s memo/report

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