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Three times Major and Blair mentioned related to their warnings over voting leave.also a reporter telling us that anyone thinking that immigration would be significantly reduced if we vote to leave would be wrong.not once did we hear of any of the thousands that would oppose those views or even that there is an opposite viewpoint.this is repeated on every single news report.The BBC is showing contempt for the British people in ignoring their legal responsibility to remain impartial. Why don’t the. BBC come to Leeds and ask ordinary people on the streets what they think? Is it because the People don’t have the power to stop the outdated and unfair licence fees? Is this also why allowing EU immigrants the right to vote is also not being mentioned on the BBC. This must be redressed

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  1. Mike Stringer

    Agree completely! I have been checking on the BBC online for about three weeks now. The result is beyond reasonable doubt. The BBC is completely biased in favour of the Remain campaign. As such, it is showing complete contempt for the British people and is not following the laws by which it is constituted.
    Today, for example, Blair and Major (two discredited so called senior politicians) are mentioned on all pages in every category. I doubt Blair had as much exposure on the BBC when he was the PM who lied to the British people and to Parliament! Perhaps Major briefly had similar volume of coverage when he, like so many politicians, was unable to keep his trousers up!
    Regardless of the outcome, the British people should seek a legal remedy against the BBC! That is, to have ALL senior staff removed immediately without compensation and placed in prison pending trial. The same should apply to reporters such as Marr and Neil who are a disgrace. All should be charged with treason because that is what they are doing!
    If the Government refuses to act or the legal profession blocks action on government orders, then everyone should refuse to pay the licence fee and any fines imposed by a completely corrupt regime led by the biggest liar of them all, David Cam Moron!

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