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I pay my license to listen to an impartial news and currant affairs radio station.
No chance of that with you people, constantly reporting we did not know what we voted for, yes we did, OUT. All those lovely interviews with the super well off and famous stars telling us how this has divided us, what rubbish, it was a vote to leave the EU nothing more. I am also fed up with being called right-wing. I Am 57 years old and work self-employed for about £20,000 a year, mass immigration has kept my wages low, so it’s difficult, But of course it won’t affect BBC presenters so it’s easy for you to judge , up until now I have always voted labour, unlike the so called educated elite I can give many reasons why we can’t take in and look after many from all over the world,(Controlled fine)and I love the idea of freedom for the next generations to have their country back and not being told what we can and can’t do ,
Theresa May who even after the big giveaway by Corbin still won nearly 60 seats more than labour she is constantly being put down, I don’t know how she keeps going, if it not Brexit it something else. It borders on bullying. From your privilege position you should give a balanced view. You always give Tory and Brexit MPs a hard time but labour get away with awful policies and spending are money to gain votes. Tell us about Corbin and abbots past and keep rubbing it in like you would if it were Theresa May and co. Please look outside of your lovely little world and give her a chance. You won’t because you can’t get over democracy can you? All those thick racists out voted you, let me tell you they are just normal people with more common sense than you. Why not be confident in are great country? Move forward together (all) and support are people, both sides of the argument. Grow up you are supposed to be intelligent.

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