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I am sick and tired of the BBC in general and there biased reporting, every news program before and after the referendum has been holding back the real stories for reasons unknown, as a supposedly trusted Channel i find it offensive that you only report on things the EU tell you to report, leading up to the Referendum every political program was geared up for the remain camp, and those question time programs were a disgrace to the general public you could not have shown a more biased opinion if you tried, you forgot to mention on any news bulletins and main news that there were riots going on in France with the immigrant situation, rapes in Germany , the borders with other countries Nothing on any of the BBC channels , since the referendum you have shown your selves to be as anti British as possible, putting the country down because 17 million voters voted to leave, As far as i know we still live in a democracy and that includes the BBC, why not report on some of the countries that want to have a trade deal with us and the commonwealth countries that want to re- establish trade with us . i hope you remember these commonwealth the ones your masters in the EU that made it impossible to trade with the EU block

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