One Comment on ““Alan Bennett’s Diaries”

  1. Julian Ridley

    Bit shocked that AB was allowed to make a statement casting over 50% of the voting population as cowards. It was such an obviously allowed postscript. Why was it allowed?
    Sad that AB has fallen into seeing matters through a polarised perspective- so if we are not with you we are against you Alan? I’m well educated/professionally qualified – but not Oxbridge – so perhaps I fit into the stereotypical ‘thick, ignorant, racist’ category that would confirm AB’s crass assumptions as to why I voted ‘leave’? Heaven forfend that I might have had the gumpth to think, research, balance – and decide. Because I voted differently I am a coward? Mind, I live in Lancashire so will probably have more dismissive ‘barbs’ applied to imply I must lack intelligence.

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