Adrian Chiles

Nick Clegg invited on to talk about legalising cannabis, at the end of the piece Chiles then says to Clegg ” I cant let you go without asking you about the leaked document regarding the government not having plan for Brexit and will need thousands more civil servants and at least another six months” despite this document already having been shown not to be from the government it is portrayed as factual and probably not leaked but contrived release. Clegg is then allowed to rerun the referendum campaign, and denegrating all those who lead the leave campaign as having no plan, over several minutes in the style of a party political broadcast, all without any challenge, but a very nice thank you when he had finished from Chiles .

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  1. stewgreen

    That’s offering a Free Kick often used on R5 by Nicky Cameron et al
    “Before we talk about your new film/book/album what about your new president?”

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