6 o clock news

Having listened to Boris Johnsons speech live, I tuned into the News at 6 to see how a 45 minute speech, to leave the EU, would be presented and hear what the experts say. My points:
1. No mention that Boris gave a 45 minute speech. Each time EU was covered it started with David Cameron and then Boris countering. It gives the affect that David Camerons view is primary.
2. The headline delivered by Fiona Bruce, was a scaremongering statement from David Cameron and a flippant remark from the leave campaign ‘lost the plot’ – nothing substantial from within Boris Johnson statement.
3.Then we saw David Cameron making the point of ‘maintaining a common purpose’ in Europe. Then all you showed was Boris countering that with a blanket statement ‘I don’t think the priminister can seriously believe………’ again nothing from Boris’s list of factual claims about the EU and failing to keep the peace and, in fact, the EU actually escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
4. The main story unfolded with the emotive statement about ‘white headstones in lovingly tended commonwealth war cemetries’ by David Cameron. Then we saw old clips of spitfires and Churchill. (Sarah’s question was straight – shame he wasn’t pressed to answer.) When you covered Boris’s speech about EU failing to sort out the Balkans – where was the equally emotive, visual clips/pictures to enforce his argument. (Sarahs question was answered) and then you showed Boris’s somewhat tatty shoe leather – why not Camerons. And you featured Boris singing a few words, without the context being explained. You did not cover any of his other points from his speech. The BBC is portraying Boris as the joker – the one not to be listened too.
5. Sarahs summing -up whilst emphasising this is a big decision for our country – why mention the tory party split. That is a story for after the EU Referendum and the seconds you dedicate to this would be better spent reporting the facts – perhaps more content from Boris’s speech, not in-party splits.
6. All-in-all, you failed to cover anything from Boris’s speech that put the argument to the public, for leaving the EU, it was all snippits to counter the In argument and anything that would mock Boris.
You cover the IN as the primary opinion and the OUT have to bat the points away.

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