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Since the Referendum giving the government the right to negotiate the UK’s exit from the European community. BBC news has, very clearly, biased it news content against that decision. Even tonight a local news reporter asked members of the public in a market-place, what their views were. Every one was chosen because they fitted an acceptable profile in that they all disagreed with the UK’s exit. It was totally biased. Later on in the program Laura Keunnsberg and also the terrible histrionic Norman Smith demonstrate strong bias to support their resistance to ‘Brexit’. They, and BBC News must start to reflect the opinion of the people instead of trying to influence it. I recorded, and watched ITV’s reporting to compare the two and I found, refreshingly, that their reporting was more fair.

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  1. Ian Britain

    Totally agree with comments of BBC bias against democracy and Brexit. It is increasingly evident, that the BBC is no longer a purveyor of accurate, unbiased neutral news but a carrier of jaundiced controller doctrine !

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