5 Live Breakfast

Nicky Campbell interviewed Peter Fahy, retired Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police this morning. It was barely an interview, more a platform for Peter Fahy to make as many unsubstantiated pro-EU statements (particularly regarding security) as possible. None of which were challenged by the interviewer, and no opposing voice or point of view was presented. Indeed, after several minutes, when Mr Fahy appeared to be flagging, the Mr Campbell had to provide a prompt to help Mr Fahy link ‘an imminent ISIS attack’ to ‘leaving the EU’.

And quite what expertise an ex-Chief of Police has regarding ‘Climate change’ or ‘the situation in the middle east’, never mind the ‘positive effect of the EU’ on these things, remains a mystery. It was never questioned.

Basically, a 5 minute, unchallenged pro-EU advert.

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