Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

So ridiculous I don’t know how Laura kept a straight face. Highlight was a montage backed by chirpy music on all the rules and regulations that come from the EU.


Creepy Tom Heap has always been best known for his incessant moaning about climate change and the way it is devastating ‘the countryside’. In common with many of his other BBC reporter colleagues he has now changed tack, starting with yesterday evening’s episode, and now blames Brexit for everything, including the devastating consequences for fruit and vegetable farmers if they are no longer able to employ seasonal workers from Eastern Europe. How and where does the BBC find such people and are they indoctrinated by the Corporation to stay on-message?

News at Six

Europe Editor Katya Adler’s admirably balanced programme ‘After Brexit: The Battle for Europe’ broadcast on 9 February 2017 on BBC 2 was as close as the BBC gets to being even remotely impartial and even handed. In sharp contrast, privately educated Scottish Chief Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg’s ‘Brexit Britain’s Biggest Deal’ aired on BBC2 just one month later on 9 March 2017 was an absolute disgrace. In particular the cheap and childish shots of her waving a large cheque at passers by were frankly an insult to intelligent viewers. Four days later on 13 March 2017 the loathsome Nicola Sturgeon, obsessed to the point of lunacy with Scottish grievances, made an egregious speech calling for a second Scottish referendum, coinciding with the day on which the Article 50 Bill cleared Parliament; some might well think that such an act of gross opportunism was tantamount to treason. That same evening on BBC 1 News at Six, Sturgeon’s call for a second referendum (in the manner of Blair, Farron, Major, Heseltine and others clamouring for a rerun of the EU result on the grounds that voters were far too thick to understand what they voted for) was the main story and predictably LK was trotted out in Downing Street to give her reaction. In default sneering mode (voice and facial expressions) Kuenssberg banged on at length about the possibility of a forthcoming titanic struggle faced by Prime Minister May on two fronts, Scottish independence and leaving the EU, which she opined could give Mrs. May a serious headache. This was pure speculation and a personal viewpoint, seemingly predicated on LK knowing the unknowable and having a unique insight into the Prime Minister’s psyche. This is not news, but it has become a common feature of virtually all the BBCs so-called factual news output, which more often than not focuses on the opinions or speculations of carefully selected pundits, or editors, or correspondents, whose invariably biased views echo those of a Corporation stuffed with bien-pensant metropolitans.

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Continual repeated predictions that brexit will mean overseas workers will cease to come to the UK.


Comments and feature that migrant agricultural labour …cheap… Will be threatens after brexit…..programme ruined turned off when will they stop this …disgusting

Brexit; Britains Biggest Deal

Laura Kuenssberg’s reporting was so blatantly biased towards Remain I was embarrassed for her. She emphasised everything that could go wrong without mentioning anything that could go right. She ignored any possibility that anything could be in our favour, and in my opinion, said nothing positive about our leaving Europe. I’ve always admired her for her intelligence and her perception, but I was more than a little disappointed last night. I also get the feeling that the BBC in general reports negatively about Brexit. Please try and accept that we’re leaving, and the more we accept it and work together to achieve a good outcome, the better for the whole country.

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

A terrible program – unbalanced arguments and only purpose to create public division. This was the very worst reporting I have ever seen on the BBC.

Brexit Deal

I watched Laura Kuenssberg’s recent programme on Brexit with mounting incredulity. In the end I could barely decide which was worst: the shallowness of her political analysis, the inanity of the imagery and old films used to intercut her remarks, or the anti-Brexit bias of her reporting. We saw many of the same old prominent Remainers rolled out again (politicians and Eurocrats alike) to tell us how stupid we were to vote Leave, including the BBC’s current favourite son Tony Blair. Laura engaged with these bitter old men and women in what looked like conspiratorial glee and did not challenge their messages of gloom. On the other hand, she treated the Brexiteers (Gove, Johnson and Davies) as if they were naughty children who didn’t understand just how serious all this was. Coming after so many lesser examples of the BBC’s continuing anti-Brexit bias ever since the vote (as well as before it), this programme hit rock bottom for me. Let’s hear about the practicalities by all means – but let’s have them treated in a ‘can do’ fashion rather than wagging fingers at us for being so silly as to think we could ever leave. The comparison with Greenland’s withdrawal from the EU just had me gasping for air! Perhaps the BBC should change its name to the European Union Propaganda Service?

Brexit Britains Biggest Deal

Fed up of this negativity of UK. We ran the country perfectly well before we joined the Common Market so why can we not do the same now. It is time for some positivity and hope for our future trading with all the other Countries and for nurturing our own young peoples talents not every other nations first. The only reason EU will not negotiate fairly is because of the Gina Millers and Tim Farrons of this world who just want us to think like they do.

Laura K

Program about brexit !!! How one sided. The general public were not offered any say on the Lisbon treaty which eroded so much of the U.K. and the elite polictians wonder why we want out. We joined the European Union in good faith to cooperate in trade and security but ended up in a German run federal state that bullies other member states that don’t fall into line. So the program gave most voice to the pro European supporters and no space for UKIP (Who I do not support but respect) BBC shame on you. I know I am wasting my time moaning but then again I did with the EU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Yet again a total biased program toward the EU, there wasn’t any counterargument just constant negativity and doom of our leaving the EU. Laura Kuenssberg has shown that she has no time for leave voters and only offered worst case scenario to the people she talk to . This program need to be shown if only to show how biased the BBC is.

Brexit Britains biggest deal

I am so sick of the BBC biased views by this commentator Laura Kuensberg .This programme was one sided and pro EU.There was no balanced argument at all.How on earth was slimy Blair and Soubrey allowed to air so much trash..I hate paying a licence fee to fund trash like this,.I will never watch this vile women Laura Kuensberg again.A typical remoaner you can see it a mile off…TOTAL BIAS


The reporter (Laura kuenssberg) made every effort to say why coming out of the EU is bad, even criticising the govement on producing misleading figures then appears with a big cheque saying we are going have to pay this, where did she get this figure has it actually been agreed, no. !! So who making figures up now and misleading the public. I have now stopped watching the BBC news as I find it unblevably bias, Q. Do the eu fund the BBC. !

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Approximately the first quarter of the programme with Kuenssberg stating “A Diplomatic Mission from Hell, a Nightmare,” was predominated by a £50bn bill the UK would be presented by the EU & the implication the UK would have to pay as the precursor to any negotiations. This was not countered in any way. No mention of the findings of the ‘House of Lords (cross party) EU Finance Committee’, findings 4/3/2017 :- Taken from the Guardian “Report says British government has no legal obligation to pay for Brexit or outstanding payments into EU budget. The UK could walk away from the European Union in 2019 without paying a penny.” Why was this not reported. Just one of many bias reports by the BBC regarding Brexit?

Britains Biggest Delas

Only showed people who voted leave who said neagtive comments like: “I am not educated enough to decide” “We shouldn’t have had the vote” “I voted leave , sorry” I wonder how many more were interviewed who have articulate and well reasoned argurements to leave the EU. who were never given air time ? This just depicted all people who voted leave as very stupid, – the Remain myth Why wasn’t the remain lies exposed i.e economic doom etc etc – nothing said. Why didn’ t Kuenssberg grill the remainer MPs and challenge them like she did the leave MP’s, she let the remainers talk and didn’t challenge their view on things and how it will be. However, she pressed David Davis and Boris Johnson very hard indeed. Total disgrace , if the BBC can’t be fair then they shouldn’t broadcast anything

Brexit Britian biggest deal

Laura Kuenssberg documentary on the upcoming negations with the European Union as we attempt to leave. This show was not impartial in any way; I would expect the BBC to provide balance reporting and not to make assumptions about what will happen. The language was highly negative and this was just an extension of the doom and gloom that the remain side used during the referendum. This documentary was designed at a negative portrayal of life outside the European Union, lots of negative language and imagery such as She walked around the streets with a large cheque stating the possible exit fee will be 50 billion pounds, which again nothing has been decided, with Boris Johnson himself stating the bill was not reasonable, and this payment will be challenged. Car driving off cliffs. There was also unfair treatment of the guests who represented Brexit, Those who supported Brexit were offered questions by Laura in which she seemed to be offered a fair response, she either didn’t like the answer given and pressured them, had a silly facial expression and acted like the interviewee hadn’t understood the question that was being put with them or tried to back the interviewee into a corner. Those who were pre- remaining seem to get smiles of acceptance and nods of agreement. No pressure was put onto these. There was no real attempted balance even though they tried by having Tim Farron in a small group discussion. Realistically there were no positive or Optimistic views of what could happen, there were 2 experts 1 lawyer telling us how difficult the challenge of leaving the EU and the changes in legislation, I believe the Government have already stated that EU Laws will be transferred over to the statue books of the UK and they will begin looking through and making amendment and changes over time. So this is not something that needs to happen over the 2 year negotiating period. This had been wilfully left out, There was a former chief trade negotiator with the EU and how Bad leaving the EU would be for the United Kingdom and how difficult things were going to get. No counter balance or the lawyer or the trade negotiator. These statements were not put those in the programme representing Brexit such as David Davis or Boris Johnson ministers for comment. If this is the battle for Brexit the BBC has decided which side of the line it stands and that is with Brussels and the European Union. The BBC is not impartial drastically needs to return to its roots and a Neutral source.

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Please can the BBC at least try and keep it’s documentaries just biased towards reamaining in the E.U. This programme had the head of politics , Laura Kuenssberg, going around the streets with a giant cheque for £50Bn asking people if they were prepared to pay that amount to leave the E.U. This is cosdwollop, nothing has been decided on that front, It was like watching a politician campaigning for remain! Along with bias at almost every turn, we should have a referendum on the licence fee!

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

This show was outrageously biased towards the Remain in EU lobby. The show presented a £50b cheque to people on a street that had no basis in fact and was made up. There is nothing in law saying we have to pay anything so what was this cheque about – outrageous stuff. Why not try having a balanced show ???

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

This programme was ridiculous, literally laughable, in it’s anti-Brexit bias: Laura Kuensberg sneeringy led us through snippets of interviews with Brexit ministers (she does a good sneer, does Ms Kuensberg), and the remainder of those interviewed were relentlessly negative (apart from a couple of chaps talking with Tim Fallon, who were actually slightly upbeat). We even got Tony Blair (no sneers for him) and I was even expecting Michaael Heseltine and the dreaded Gina Miller, but we were spared them this time. But this is no laughing matter. We need to be abe to trust the BBC to guide us through this critical Brexit time with fairness and with impartiality, above all.

BBC News at Ten

Can laura kuenssberg (political reporter) ever say anything good about this government the fact that the economy is doing much better after brexit than expected she is constantly spouting negative angry comments about everything (so obviously a labour supporter & a remainer) please get her off the screen & speaking with a twisted mouth is unsightly.

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Laura Kuenssberg’s interviewing approach was very unbalanced. Her questioning of Brexit supporters was consistently hostile and frequently leading. For example, a question to David Davis – “For swathes of voters, shouldn’t you be preparing them for something rather different to what they think they were promised?” Sometimes it wasn’t just hostile questions but hostile statements. She said to Boris Johnson – “We cannot get a deal that is going to be as good as our current relationships inside the single market.” But with pro-Remainers, she time and again failed to ask challenging questions. There was no suggestion to Nicola Sturgeon that leaving the UK would still leave Scotland outside the EU and no guarantee of rejoining. There was no challenge to either Nicola Sturgeon or Sadiq Khan about the workability of exempting Scotland and London from immigration controls. Or else her questions were utterly tame. To William Hague she said “Is it right to compare this to a challenge as great as the Second World War?” With Tony Blair she came up with “Do you think that we are potentially at the start of a really fundamental reshaping of British politics?” I was left in no doubt where Laura Kuenssberg’s sympathies lie.

Brexit Britains Biggest Deal

More speakers against than for brexit so boast as usual. Also presenter seems also to think people who voted to leave are stupid

Brexit Britains biggest deal

Totally biased programme by the pro EU BBC, as is most of the news reported on the subject by them, as a license payer my view is, the BBC opinions should be unbiased, so far most of there predictions are unfounded, stick to unbiased reporting. Give your license paying public value for money.

Brexit: The Biggest Deal

Yet another completely biased BBC program on Brexit. Most of the people interviewed are pro EU. The presenter laura kuenssberg is clearly bias and anti Brexit as much as so – if not more so than newsnights Evan Davis. These well off arrogant people will never be able to comprehend the devastation the EU has had on wage supression and lost jobs on the UK working class. We – the working class – cannot compete -in our own country – with people who earn a 5th of the salary in their own counrty and its a race to the bottom. Whomever is willing to do the job cheapest will get the job. These working class brits who have to compete for jobs with people from other countries where salaries are a 5th of what they are here now out number the more wealthy in society who gain from mass immigration … thats why the Brixit referendum won. I have to pay a TV license to watch this biased nonesense!!!

Brexit:Britain’s biggest deal

The presenter – Laura – was really against leaving the EU.The program was entirely anti leaving the EU and was so negative. There are so many benefits for the UK leaving the EU and these were not properly represented. Total bias –

Brexit: Britains Biggest Deal

Laura Kuenssberg: this person is so blatantly pro EU it is a disgrace that she is given a platform within mainstream publicly funded media. We had a referendum and it is time that true democracy is honoured. This programme was an absolute disgrace. The BBC do not deserve the money that they take from the people to air this biased propaganda.

Brexit Britain’s Biggest Deal

Laura Kuenssberg totally biased reporting. All doom & gloom, no posative comments Carrying Cheque showing what Britain would have to pay showed no-one saying they will not get billions from us. BBC has been disgustingly biased against Brexit from the beginning.

Brexit britains biggest deal

Total scaremongering, they have nothing encouraging to say about btexit A law to themselves , total nonsense they’re impartial. All from tax payers money

News at Six

Why do the BBC never point out the huge amount of trade the EU needs from us, it is always pointed out the risks to various industries as though the the EU had all the cards and and could just stop trading with us. No mention of the 100 billion $ Germany sells to us or the pleading from German car manufactures to continue trading tariff free. business will prevail and deals will be done no EU country can afford to loose the amount of trade they do with the UK.

You and Yours

Winifred Robinson asked a leading question today ‘Has Brexit affected you? Wnen talking to a nurse who had phoned in to Call You and Yours about nursing in the UK. The BBC keeps banging on about racism when it can. I have just come out of hospital and was nursed and cared for by a wide variety of nurses from different nationalities and horror of horror I voted to leave the EU. I treated all the nurses with grateful respect for the care they gave me and witnessed nothing other than positive interactions from my fellow patients, some of whom also dared to vote to leave the EU. I find it so boring that the BBC keeps hammering away at this fake story. Most of us, who voted to leave the EU voted because we believe in democracy and accountability and feel the EU fails the people of Europe in its current form. The BBC is being so blatant in its bias it has been found out by the public and is losing its standing. I would like to find out about its relationship with the EU and why it has behaved more like EUBC for the last eighteen months? Any information on this?

Question time

80% of tonight’s panel are remainers – as far as I know since the referendum there has never been a majority of leavers on the panel.ive complained to the BBC about this and got nowhere – can anything be done?


There has been many, many examples of bias I have noticed from the BBC, I am shocked that they can promote themselves to the world as unbiased! Eastenders was just the latest example. Recently there was grafiti on the Vic saying something like Poles go home and then recently the Vic couldnt afford to pay English companies to fix their roof which is threatening their business. Then a Polish worker comes in a saves the day with cheap rates. Then the loan from an English property owner and so called friend that the Vic was using to pay the Pole was recalled. Then the Pole gets involved with a family and friends pancake run on pancake day including his enemy Ian Beal. Ian almost has a heart attack and of course the Pole is the first there to save the day and cuddling Ian in a scene of emotion at his home after. This has nothing to do with my feelings about Polish people. Even though I am pro-Brexit, my opinion is the Poles have history during the war of supporting us and we should be remembering that. Their may be examples experienced of people suffering from competitively cheap labour but ultimately they are our friends and maybe we should reduce our prices. Increasing prices is only fuelling interest rates anyway. The point is I am shocked and ashamed by the BBC, I find myself shouting at the TV and wish some of the media would out them.

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I have lodged 2 complaints direct with the BBC but after standard acknowledgement nothing. – they don’t care. Much more likely to take action if I complain about a pronunciation error. The obvious Remain Bias of BBC is so embarrassing.