six o clock news

The bbc continues to promote the government campaign against leaving the EU. The programme focussed on George Osborne’s decision to change the budget, other news also seems to focus primarily on the remain campaign first before short responses from the leave campaign. I would like to see news articles that start with the leave campaigns position before the government’s response

Question time

Dimbleby is obviously biased in favour of the Remain camp. I am utterly fed up with the bias demonstrated by BBC at every opportunity. You are funded by the general public and should therefore be totally impartial. All this bias will backfire as the public is fired up with anger. You have lost so much credibility in the last 5 years, time to mend your ways.

3 Counties Radio – Robert Perroni

Geldof vs Farage report on 3Counties Radio – listen at 1:12 – plays Geldof quote, then repeats part of Geldof quote. Then says EXCUSES himself for giving the other side with “in the purpose of balance I need to give you the response from Farage – who looked like Alan Partridge, the way he was kitted out”

bbc news

I am sick and tired of the blatant bias by the bbc over the in -out referendum they give around 3to 4 minutes of reasons to leave countered by 10 to 12 minutes of why we should remain tonight it was security and how if we leave we will probably be blown up by isis and god knows how many other groups massing on our borders just waiting until we leave to blow us all to kingdom come do you not realise all these scare tactics will only make the british people more likely to want to leave even your presenters look uncomfortable at having to peddle this nonsense on look north they interviwed immigrants worried about the outcome of the referendum i dont remember the bbc asking the british people if they wanted all these immigrants 5.000,000 and counting coming into the country for me the bbc no longer exists i hate biased propaganda it smacks of nazism a bloody disgrace

BBC 6 o’clock news

There was hardly any coverage of the fishermen’s flotilla sailing up the Thames. Most of the footage focused on the boats with ‘in’ flags on them. The fishermen had the right to protest and it was ignored by the BBC. There was no mention of Mr Geldof waving two fingers at the fishermen. The main headlines for that evening were about another threat from the chancellor. Making sure that he got his message across. But not giving the leave campaigners any real time to argue against his claims. Why are you headlining guesswork as fact? Surely it could be mentioned further down the order of news rather than at the beginning.

News at 10

In news at first 10 minutes dedicated to Remain (Osborne, May etc then 2 mins of Leave (Gove) including BBC debate leader attacking leave position. No doubt where biased BBC are coming from

BBC news at 10

I saw multiple news stories warning of the dangers of leaving the eu. Totally biased and not what I pay my licence fee for.

Question Time

I find myself feeling disgusted and disappointed having just watched a ‘special edition’ of Question Time on the EU referendum which featured a studio audience and David Dimbleby putting questions to Michael Gove, a leading Leave campaigner. I have watched Mr Dimbleby on Question Time many times and have generally been impressed by his professionalism and overall fairness. Tonight however he displayed neither of those qualities – in fact quite the reverse. While I did expect him to ask hard questions of Mr Gove, I did not expect his own political views to be written so clearly on his face by virtue of the disdain derision and aggression – at times bordering on a sneer- which appeared so plainly there. I am not the greatest supporter of Mr Gove, but at least he remained professional throughout. My question to the BBC is: How can you possibly claim to be impartial when you allow a programme on such an important subject a this to be presented by someone who is clearly neither impartial himself, and moreover completely fails to appear so?

Radio 4 news at 7pm

In the item that led the bulletin, George Osborne was quoted at length, saying he would raise taxes and make further cuts in public services if the population votes to leave the EU. Brexiteers were then cited (briefly) as saying he was scaremongering, but no mention was made of the Tory MPs and Labour Leader, who all said today that they would not vote for a budget on those terms. That means that Osborne’s proposals cannot become law, at least in the short term – a crucial fact that should not have been omitted. After that, Theresa May’s voice was heard saying that leaving the EU was not a “silver bullet” that would reduce migration on its own, and the UK would might obtain better immigration controls in future negotiations with the EU. This last assertion is highly contentious, of course, but was not challenged or put into context in any way. No mention was made of Labour, so the bias of the bulletin was strongly pro-Remain and pro-Conservative.

BBC News

While staying in a Spanish hotel I saw on Euro news and on Spanish news video and full descriptions of mass rallies in Germany, Sweden, France, Poland and other EU countries, between 5000 and 30,000 people marching against the EU austerity. I then watched BBC news and NOTHING at all mentioned. WHY ARE the BBC covering up the millions of people unhappy and protesting WHY are they pretending the eurozone is all happy and content when its clear this is NOT SO. We are FORCED to pay for the BBC but it lies to us. I WILL no longer pay to be lied to

BBC Look East

The BBC Look East regional programme will have a debate tonight to examine the effects of job losses in the Anglia Region after a Brexit vote. Why ? The BBC promotes Remain as the status quo but it is not and is more likely to cause job loss. The agenda for the debate is biased before it starts.

BBC News at 10

The news bulletin dealing with the Referendum was just one giant pro-Remain PPB. It astonished even this mildly pro-Remainer.

BBC News at 10

The coverage of the EU referendum by the BBC has been very one sided, it seems to suggest that the only reason to leave the EU is immigration and regularly fails to mention a wide range reasons as to why the UK should leave. It continues to suggest that economists who are notoriously bad at predicting the future all believe than a brexit would cause a huge economic problems and they present this as fact. In last nights news a range of remain arguments were stated without any question of their validity. Then it said the remain camp suggests funding to farmers and academics will continue and then immediately discredited this.

Britian and Europe The Immigration Question

The whole programme left me with the feeling of being propaganda for the Remain Camp. It was not balanced in its approach . It completely ducked anything to do with Turkey and what has recently been in the news regarding the EU’s intentions. The timing is also indicative of propaganda as it appears that the Leave campaign are winning the immigration argument which Remain now realise is key and there is only just over a week to go before the country votes.

BBC News at 10

Continual one sided portrayal of the referendum claims. Almost non stop, one after another Remain campaigners claims about potential negatives of leaving the EU with only fleeting and tardy reports of the Leave campaigner’s responses. No potential negatives of remaining in the EU have been seriously examined in any depth at all, The BBC so so disgustingly one sided it is shocking, we pay licence fees for this and it is appalling. This is a very serious misuse of power, something has to be done about it!

BBC News

I found this programme utterly deplorable for the number of individual reporters making reports about the Eu referendum with each one of these being so plainly biased in favour of staying in the EU that it became a total farce. Why did we have to have so many individual reports about the referendum in a half hour news programme. This is not news it is speculation about a subject where the BBC commenced and continues to portray a bias towards remaining in the EU. Come on the BBC you have been rumbled and tonight’s production line of reports were made and presented in a response to those newspaper headlines which said that the Brexit vote was in the lead. I urge you BBC to stop all this biased reporting and leave all your energies to reporting on the actual result. Stop peddling biased views from very poor reporters who in many cases do not know their facts…..especially when it comes to the NHS.

Andrew Marr

Mr Marr indicated, during his programme, that he would take up the leaked Report(in the Sunday Times) of a UK government plan to admit up to a million Turks with the Prime Minister. In the event, hardly any time was spent on either immigration or this leaked report. Since the issue of immigration is likely to be the primary cause of Brexit and because of the rampant denials of the Remain Camp that Turkey is not like to achieve membership of the EU any time soon, then the programme was biased in favour of the Remain camp. The Prime Minister was let off the hook in two ways 1) Not being challenged regarding the truth of the Report and 2) why are we allowing a million Turks into GB if Turkey isn’t being admitted to the EU? These are critical issues for the Leave Camp and the British people deserve to know about such plans before the Referendum and the BBC is guilty of not testing ‘on air’ these very important issues with the PM, particularly as all programmes which discuss the EU Referendum are supposed to be balanced and impartial.

BBC News

Approximately a 10 minute report during which time the Labour remain campaign were followed for the large majority. The leader (remain), deputy leader (remain) were focused on. We then heard from a union leader (remain). A brief interview with a labour leave MP (Frank Field). Eventually, a small piece saying that the leave campaign will keep farmer (et al) expenditure and then a truly astonishing piece from the blatantly biased John Pienaar who totalled up the amount we get from the EU completely ignoring the amount we pay and then interviewed an “expert” (remain) who said that the leave campaign financial arguments were wrong. My estimate of bias: 90% remain, 10% leave. If that wasn’t enough, they went on to discuss immigration and attacked the assertion that leaving the EU will reduce immigration with the preposterous argument “leaving the EU will not pull up the draw bridge”. My estimate of bias: 95% remain, 5% leave. Overall: far from the 50/50 we should expect from a BBC not being leant on by the establishment.

BBc news at 10 every night

BBC are so one sided when it comes the EU, they are pushing people to vote ” stay in “. This is not what I pay my TV licence for. Not happy. Not made my mind up yet, but you are annoying me that much with your approach I’m going to vote to leave. It does seem like the government extended your tv licence agreement for another 10 years as long as you push the public to stay in the EU. Lot to leave the EU, that’s what I say.

bbc news at 10

The BBC is starting to look desperate with its overwhelming bias for staying in the EU. Highlighting all the pro eu views and being aggressive and negative against the leave campaign views. Not even marginal views anymore…..DESPERATE JOURNALISM.!!

BBC News at 10

Disgraceful 1 sided representation of pro remain propaganda. It was very clearly about 4-5 key areas of pro EU including the reporting of ECJ decision. The BBC does not report all the decisions made by the ECJ to reject UK claims yet tonight they chose to refer to a decision by the ECJ supporting UK claims. The EU has potentially prejudiced the referendum by releasing this judgement at this time.

bbc news

Once again heavily weighted news report to remain point of view and once again pro Europe scare mongering regarding economy with several so called expert OPINIONS.Frankly with this no coverage for St Georges day and tonights bias against our football fans in France being battered is the bbc a credible service any more?

Britain & Europe: The Immigration

Incredible bias in favour of Remain campaign and the “positive” impacts of immigration. No real debate or examination of the issue – continued thinly veiled suggestion that any pro-leave campaigners are ill informed re: benefits of immigration.

Britain & Europe: The Immigration Question

In the BBC program “Britain & Europe: The Immigration Question”, presenter Mishal Husain painted a distinctly one-sided picture of migration into the UK. Insofar as supporters of leaving the EU were featured, their opinions were generally attacked, sometimes in advance of being aired. Not so for Europhiles; for example: The SNP does not represent the majority of people in Scotland yet its position was lauded as if it was the only one tolerated there. After a short setup piece that would delight any pro-EU advocate, SNP MP Stephen Gethins was allowed to extol his party’s views on immigration without reply from anyone of a different mind. The program was not, as described, “an impartial insight”, as much as it was a work of sophistry and propaganda in favour of the remain camp. In the run-up to the EU referendum on June 23, no level of bias is acceptable. Regardless, this broadcast came across as an hour long pro-EU advertisement smelling of panic and prejudice. When will the establishment learn that they must not treat the public so shabbily?

Look North

A totally biased interview with Osbourne, the interviwer went along with every thing he said, which was the usual pro b******* about Europe funding the ‘ northern powerhouse’. He was never pulled up about it actually being OUR money in the first place. There was no response allowed or mentioned from the out campaign. Then just to go even deeper into realms of just plain and open support of the In campaign , they went round a market and ice cream van and found 7 people for in, 2 for out , then also interviewed a bunch of ‘IN’ school kids who cannot even vote but were interviewed on the bias solely of we all want to be ‘in’. Absolutely disgraceful, blatant, bias reporting. This is institution is clearly biased and should not be allowed to get away with this type of reporting.

BBC 6 O’clock News

The news presenter referred to the the Labour Party’s new stance on remaining in and why we should remain in but did not give a balanced view from the leave campaigners. It was so obviously biased towards the remain campaign – it was infuriating to watch. Very little time was given to the Leave campaign just quick references. Shocking.

BBC Reality Check

Clear bias towards “Remain in” in the numerous claims made on the “Reality Check” BBC website online. These same biased opinions are going to be aired on BBC 1 on Monday 20th June, just a few days before the Referendum. This is blatant electioneering on behalf of the Remain in campaign.

News at 6

Criticism of Leave campaign claims by Sophie Rayworth and John Pienaar, that if we left EU we’d be able to continue funding farmers, etc. They stated that Leave campaign cannot claim that as they have no mandate. Of course Leave campaign can say that, it’s just as valid to make such a prediction as economists for Remain making projections about what will happen to the UK economy if we leave. Also two Remain campaign stories before this were not criticised by the BBC at all! This is a pattern since the referendum campaigns started… portraying Remain factually yet offering criticism for leave either directly by reporters or through the way that stories are portrayed. Even on the piece the BBC news did ‘explaining’ how the EU political system works, they neglected to point out that the EU Commission is appointed rather than elected. A key fact in the debate completely omitted! Ridiculously biased!

News and referendum programs

I find it increasingly impossible to watch the bbc now, It seems that you choose to be biased towards eu remain campaign, Is it not the bbc’s right to bring an in biased view point to politics, or even is there some gain in the bcc leaning towards to remain campaign???, As I have grown up with the BBC since 1964 are my earliest memories, I have seen the BBC drift into areas that I believe have no place on BBC television or radio or Internet, Please I would ask the BBC to be biased in its view points towards political agenda and remain neutral.


Bias in favour of Remain as the news at ten has been for some time. The Graphics for the economy were particularly misleading in favour of the remain which is in not a fair picture i.e. the books piled up – almost patronising as if people cannot understand figures! Did not in any way show a true picture and certainly didn’t bring in to the equation the money paid out to the EU and the migrants on benefits available after only 12 weeks!

bbc website

BBC’s polltracker service has not been showing the overall position for the past couple of days. this corresponds to the period when there has been a decisive shift towards brexit in numerous polls just a co-incidence?

The Today Programme

The last item of today’s show had two people exposing remain views, with no opposing view. This happens time after time, how do they get away with it?

BBC Business News

The piece was outlined as what smaller businesses think of the EU. The entirety of the 3 minute clip was an English goat farmer who praised the farming subsidies and said food prices would go up if we left the EU. This was concluded with the presenters saying you could find out more about what smaller businesses think in a later programme. Amazing! There appears to be no other point of view.

Andrew Marr show

What a farce not objective at all. Andrew Marr was not interviewing John Major . He was promoting the Remain Campaign. Sack him. The BBC is supposed to be impartial. Its wasting the publics money. If it cannot do better than this. Stop the funding and close it down.

BBC 10pm News

Once again the BBC seem to lead on a Remain story concerning the EU Referendum. it is as if the Leave Campaign are an after thought. We have also noticed if they interview the public on the street or in a Pub etc they always seem to interview 3+ People who say they are voting to remain, then they interview a Leave Voter, but he/she is lucky to get 10 seconds to speak before the interviewer who is sorry we must end it there and hand back to the studio, happens every time. I am sick of it, the Biased is now just so blatant. The founding principle of the BBC I thought was to Inform Educate and Entertain but must remain impartial and completely unbiased. they seem to breach this every time they discuss the EU or the EU referendum. its worse if they get onto Climate Change a pet project of the EU where the UK is the only Country as usual who is implementing the recommendations to the letter, probably at the disadvantage to the British People who always seem to suffer. They seem to always only show UKIP in a bad light, I don’t think I have ever seen one positive story about this Political Party on the BBC, yet the other political parties even the Greens get plenty of air time and good things reported. The BBC sadly is no longer “Fit for Purpose” in the 21st Century, with a compulsory Tax which if you can’t pay or refuse to pay for it, even if you don’t watch BBC you are Criminalised. Time they were forced to scrap it and either go over to Advertising like ITV or they maybe have a mix of Adverts and Subscription, we all own the BBC so maybe its time we had a referendum asking us what we think?

BBC newsbeat

The news on Radio1 is terribly biased, and has been getting worse daily. This is hugely irresponsible, the majority of listeners are young and impressionable voters.


The bbc should remain impartial during the build up to this referendum .it is a Confusing enough time and the bbc , and others are an absolute disgrace . Government puppets is all they are. The time has come where people are now realising , that everything in the mainstream media , is nothing short of total brainwash tactics. Hang your heads in shame. Traitors to the British man and woman

BBC News

A guest on the BBC news channel passed of the absolute blatant lie that “…..the people of the UK joined the common market knowing that they would lose their sovereignty over time to the EU” this comment went completely unopposed by the presenters who stood around nodding in agreement. This is an example of the insidious bias presented by this “impartial” channel.

Andrew Marr

On every programme, there are more remain campaigners, whether they be the newspaper commentators or guests. It is so blatantly obvious that Marr gives more air time to the remainers and does not challenge them or interrupt them as frequently as he does the leave campaigners……… This complaint of course will be discarded, as he is probably following the BBC’s instructions. I hope if the leave campaign win, there is going to be a legal challenge to your behaviour as you do not broadcast unbiased impartial news that the licence fee payers are entitled to.

Have Your Say

Two attempts to ask the question why the BBC was not reporting the latest pro-exit polls were rejected for no good reason. There was no bad language, the query was on message and it was clear.

BBC News

Massive report from BT director telling his 80k employees we would be better in the EU and an appearance to promote bias against the leave campaign.


Shocking bias on EU report which described a few very pro EU arguments. Specifically they went to Germany and spoke to expats (obviously pro EU, German residents (pro EU), then to an employee in BMW who said it would be hard to train mini employees. There were no arguments the other way, one of the most appalling “news” stories I’ve listened to.

Question Time

The audiences are weighted in favour of the leftist elite – the questions are loaded – David Dimbleby cannot conceal his Labour Party sympathies and bias frequently supporting in a poorly disguised air of impartiality leftist opinions and agendas. It’s surely long overdue for a change to a truly neutral chairperson for what is supposed to be a BBC flagship.

business live

A claim that the pound and ft have fallen because of the EU referendum when the falls have been happening globally on US figures and bond market negativety plus a page of Pro EU stories & Claims with reporters opinions being represented as facts.

Andrew Marr Show

Constantly trying to make headlines by attempting to force Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage to discuss his views regarding HIV positive immigrants, rather than focus on the general discussion.

The Andrew Marr Show

Interview of Nigel Farage. Pro-EU bias. Disgraceful low blow from Andrew Marr with the oft repeated BBC scare story about Brexit effects on the pound and stock markets. AM referred to Friday falls on FTSE and sterling. In grave tones, he told us how far the stock market had fallen and the billions it had wiped off pension fund values. Funny how the BBC never headline daily gains or the billions added. Coincidentally, AM had met someone whilst out walking who was concerned about Brexit effects on his pension and finances. The very message Dave was peddling that day. How lucky to bump into that walker (ha ha). AM then connected stock market and currency falls with Brexit. The BBC know full well the reasons were a sharp drop in the oil price, ECB QE and downgrades for global growth. For Marr to make such a misleading link was blatant pro-EU propaganda.

The Papers (BBC News Channel)

I’ve seen some shocking bias from the BBC over the last few months but what they did this morning, on The Papers (BBC News Channel), was scandalous. I sent this complaint to the BBC as a result of what I saw: Your presenter stated that ‘some English hooligans were heard to be chanting ‘We want to leave the European Union.” By implication, your presenter is comparing the disgusting images we are seeing/reading on the news/in the papers with Brexit. Regardless of the position of many people in this country, it is abhorrent for anyone to compare the shocking acts of a few idiots in France with people with genuine concerns in this country. I would like your presenter/a representative for the BBC to publicly apologize for this ridiculous statement. I am disgusted by what I heard from their presenter. I’ve asked for a public apology but I seriously doubt that will be forthcoming. Their bias over the last few months has been atrocious but this comment was offensive beyond belief.


Blatant bias by Marr trying to goad Nigel Farage into saying something to make a cheap headline against the Leave campaign. He failed completely

Radio 4

Yet again BBC bias 10 Nobel prize winners support the remain campaign, so to balance the BBC use one voice to balance the argument, James Dyson. This repeats longstanding BBC bias where if a 100 academics want to remain, it’s always balanced by a single voice to BREXIT. Makes my blood boil

6 pm news

John Pienarr, BBC Political Broadcaster Whilst interviewing a ‘Leave’ supporter in the West Midlands, the Leave supporter talked about his concerns about immigration; Mr Pienaar, without providing any statistics or figures, then pointed out that the NHS relied heavily on workers from the EU – but during his conversation with a ‘Remain’ supporter, he did not offer any opposing view.

The Andrew Neil Interviews: Leave or Remain

Sir I complained by telephone last night about Andrew Neil after watching and listening to him interviewing Nigel Farage. To be quite honest I am sick to death of observing the bombastic method of attack and self opinionated so called Journalist that this man thinks he is! Which state does he work for? Does he not know how to behave and learn to keep his mouth shut to allow Mr Farage in this case to answer his verbal attack, of course Mr Neil thinks that he is more important and we want to only hear him. He is so mistaken! He did achieve a great deal as per our P.M. has done in recent times, they lie and twist the subject to suit their end. These programmes are supposed to be informative and to allow us to decide on fact, generally the B.B.C. is self opinionated and has it’s own agenda. I am calling for this man’s resignation or failure to do so management must dismiss him! Then there is the very nice looking young lady, I think her name is Lorna Kinsburg, she is another for firing her own bullets and does not make a proper report, she thinks we wish to hear her personal opinion only. I understand that part of the charter for the B.B.C. prohibits this type of so called reporting, this is Great Britain and not a Russian state kindly instruct all of your reporters and no doubt their superiors how to report news on UK television in the agreed legal manner. I am also expecting to hear a Public Apology from both Mr Neil and from the senior management of the BBC on the method and behaviour of this man towards Mr Farage last night.

BBC Breakfast

Over the last few weeks, leading figures for Remain have been headline news, not only on the webpage but also on the news broadcasts. So, imagine my surprise when I read that Sir James Dyson had joined the leave campaign and turned on the news at 7:00am to hear it as an aside to the Nobel winners who wanted to remain. The same happened when JCB came out for leave the other day – this story appeared on the site as a sub story (as with Dyson) – if they’d been for remain, it would have been a sensational coup splashed across the top of the BBC news webpage and left for days and mentioned every 30 seconds on the news. Not trying to sway undecideds at all, are you BBC? Impartiality is just a 12 letter word to the BBC.


I am 53 years old and always believed the bbc to be impartial as that is what it is always telling us and I had no reason to disbelieve this and as a proud Brit I was happy to tell people so! But since finding myself politicised through this EU campaign I have been appalled and somewhat scared at what I am seeing of the total bias of the corporation towards the governments position of remaining in the EU. This has come to a head today with the build up of your presenter on feedback with news that there was intense interest about the EU coverage . So I thought at last they are going to look at this situation as it is all over social media about how dreadfully biased towards the remain camp the bbc and for that matter other mainstream TV stations are especially channel 4. So after some uninteresting comments on other shows on the network a tiny insignificant piece with three contributors and the political editor not answering adequately ( which reminded me of Cameron) and then moving on swiftly to a lengthy bore piece about radio 6! This as many others has commented to me now confirms my belief that the bbc is in no way unbiased on this subject and I shall be reporting this matter to ofcom as your website is obviously been designed to thwart any sort of complaint!!!!

Question Time

Why was Eddie Izzard asked to join the referendum debate? He did not have a clue just kept shouting and ranted rubbish at Nigel Farage. The important programme was completely ruined for many people, very disappointed.

BBC Website

BBC Website. The pro-EU BBC are getting worried. In recent weeks, public comments on the EU Referendum section of their website have been huge in number, mainly pro-Leave and often critical of biased BBC coverage. Initially, comments sections on each subject would be closed, with a rare pro-EU comment being the last accepted, thereby ensuring a pro-EU message would be read by any future visitors. That obviously hasn’t improved the pro-EU cause because, for almost a week now, the BBC are not allowing any public comments on the EU section! It will be interesting to see if and when public comments are allowed again.

BBC website

It’s quite simple: every time I log onto the bbc news website, I see at least one dire warning or “scary” headline warning what will happen if Britain leaves the EU. It is so obvious the BBC is biased towards the remain camp. Google BBC eu referendum and you can see for yourselves with the language they use when reporting on the latest experts and reputable sources who apparently want to remain. Pure propaganda being spread through the usual way – instilling fear.


The BBC news at 7am today described the ITV eu debate last night as bad tempered instead of describing in a balanced way the policies put forward by the two campaigns. The bad temper was purely on the remain team side. I thought the leave side looks calm and measured, appeared to get on well together and put their case well.

Question Time

Why show a programme when the chair – mr dimbleby is so very obviously pro remaining in the eu? I thought the chair was supposed to be impartial. This smacks of the old bbc bias. Come on be brave AND impartial . I shall be voting ‘out’ because of this bias.

Question Time

The panel is itself incredibly biased to the out campaign. The audience also seems very biased. This is absolutely unacceptable, particularly as it is so close to the vote. It reflects how biased the BBC is becoming these days.

Question time

David Dimbleby has lost control. He has pick on Nigel Farage. He doesn’t stop that stupid Eddie Izzard. The BBC is totally biased towards the remain campaign.

BBC News

Virtually every news report over emphasises the warnings of a brexit and underplays the dangers of staying. I am furious at this lack of ongoing impartiality! Hang your head in shame!

BBC news at 10

Having watched the ITV debate and how well the leave campaign came across I was shocked at BBC news chosen highlights that put a huge bias on the stay campaign and focused on stay campaign claims of Johnson wanting PM role. This missed the point and portrayed leave campaign as sightly bungling and stay campaign coming out on top. This was wholly inaccurate. I should say I am yet to make mind up on how to vote but find it disturbing that BBC is so bias.

All referendum related news articles

Three times Major and Blair mentioned related to their warnings over voting leave.also a reporter telling us that anyone thinking that immigration would be significantly reduced if we vote to leave would be wrong.not once did we hear of any of the thousands that would oppose those views or even that there is an opposite viewpoint.this is repeated on every single news report.The BBC is showing contempt for the British people in ignoring their legal responsibility to remain impartial. Why don’t the. BBC come to Leeds and ask ordinary people on the streets what they think? Is it because the People don’t have the power to stop the outdated and unfair licence fees? Is this also why allowing EU immigrants the right to vote is also not being mentioned on the BBC. This must be redressed

BBC Breakfast

On the couch members of the public with obliviously selected question to selected experts It did not take long to deduce that these experts were tuned in favor of the remain campaign Many times through out the BBC over the weeks , reporting & discussion of the referendum, albeit subliminal the bias goes to the remain campaign

BBC breakfast

I enjoy watching the breakfast show but it is just plain biased and pro European union. It clearly has the best interests of the government at it’s heart and this is unfair. The ‘reality check’ website is also very biased, saying it gives all the facts on the referendum but only gives figures and arguments for staying in the EU.

News at Ten

Very selective editing of the Andrew Neil interview with George Osborne promoting once again disasters to economy, emphasising again households would be £4300 worse off. Neil challenged this very effectively during the interview, citing the Treasury select committee’s statement that this was misleading. This wasn’t explored. Despite Andrew Neil’s other excellent challenges to the remain campaign on immigration, benefits and Turkey, none of these points were aired effectively and thus the BBC peddled the same imbalanced reporting. Laura Kuenssberg should be reporting both sides as a political editor but she chose to ignore the very valid points made against remaining in the EU so once again the BBC news failed to air crucial detail at a key viewing time.

How much does the UK spend on the EU featuring Charlie Stayt?

The nature of the graphics (tumbling figures regarding the UK’s EU spending. Similar graphics are used by TV adverts when advertising BIG PRICE DROPS!). The dialog “And if you believe the headlines…”. An implication of being lied to. Comparison of EU expenditure compared to military and education spending. There is no similarity.

Look north (East Yorkshire)

Feature on ‘arts’ was bias towards the stay in vote. The funding for the projects was small in comparison to the overall cost. The application process for Euro funding is far too complicated for most organisations.

BBC reporting of the Andrew Neil George Osborne interview

Andrew Neils excellent interview with George Osborne uncovered the blatant lies and scaremongering of the chancellor and his remain party. BBC News following the interview reported only George Osbornes weak and false arguments to remain in the Eu without showing Andrew Neils accusations of lying and scaremongering to the general public. George Osborne had his arse kicked but watching the report it gave the impression he was in control when actually he was drowning.

Jeremy Vine

At the end of Jeremy Vines radio programme, he said we were about to listen to the leave campaign supporters – BUT what he played was the remain supporters!!! Accident or a very clever ‘mistake’???? No just the BBC being biased towards Remain campaign as usual…. Who was responsible for this ‘mistake’

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy had a discussion regarding the EU. Comments were read out by him (from viewers) but Jeremy only read out the positive (stay in EU) comments. He then said there were negative comments too. But failed to read any out after that statement!! The BBC are very biased and even news programmes are full of pro EU with hardly anything shown regarding the leave campaign. I am sick of the BBC showing Cameron but I hardly ever see Boris?? Why????

BBC 6 O’clock News

Another news programme from the BBC with a ridiculous bias toward staying in the EU. If someone could sit down and take stop watch readings of the time they spend promoting Pro EU people, opinions and sound bites compared to Anti EU material I would be flabbergasted if the ratio is anything less than 2:1. I believe the essence of their charter which we pay for is to Inform, Educate and Entertain….not ram their left wing pro EU agenda down the throats of every living creature in the UK. They remind me of the famous quote “the louder he spoke of his integrity the faster we counted the spoons”

Jeremy Vine

Interview with Nigel Farage, JV was massively hostile towards him (more so then when he interviewed the PM yesterday). At the end of the segment, Jeremy Vine took time to read out negative (pro EU) listener responses, but failed to read out a single response in support of leaving.

bbc news

I am writing to compalin about ongoingbias in bbc coverage regarding eu referendum. Economic reporter Steph McGovern provided roundup of paper coverage and focused on one financial papers reports on fall in sterling price after polls showed increased support of brexit. She also foucused on financial uncertaintly in american market as reported in another paper as result of concerns relating to brexit campaign. In same piece she also focused on list of most powerful women-Merkel and lagarde and scottish first minister-all high profile people in favour of remain. Such shameless bias by this journalist I can no longer watch bbc newd and have now switched to itv moring programme instead for more impartial coverage.

News at Ten

Laura Kuenssberg’s shocking anti Brexit/pro Remain coverage in tonight’s BBC News at 10!! I’m not sure how to vote but Isn’t the Beeb suppossed to remain neutral???

BBC Website

Compilation of EU polls at the following web address. The BBC decided not to include the multitude of polls putting the leave camp at 80 percent plus whilst saying the compilation was an accurate picture, Blatant bias and abuse of position as state broadcaster in order to affect the outcome of the EU referendum.

Andrew Marr Show

Whilst interviewing John Major, Andrew Marr allowed JM to ramble on incessantly without any interruption. Yet when Boris Johnson was interviewed, Andrew Marr was damn right rude, constantly interrupted him & never let the poor chap finish a sentence. The BBC had also gone to great lengths to present evidence that reflected awkwardly on BJ & the ‘out’ campaign, yet had presented nothing of a comparative nature to JM & the ‘remain’ campaign. I want to hear both sides of the referendum debate, the facts & details, not simply what the BBC consider is appropriate to suit their cause. It is the BBC’s responsibility to remain impartial in this EU debate, but the volume of air-time given & the ‘selective’ time slots allocated to promoting the ‘remain’ campaign, far outweighs any equivalent television / radio time given to the ‘out’ campaign. Furthermore, I am also disappointed that the ‘remain’ campaign appears to receive ‘positive – quality’ air-time & yet much of any air-time given to the ‘out’ campaign is presented in a ‘negative’ fashion, almost to the point of ridicule. I am appalled at the BBC’s blatant acts of bias in this referendum / debate.

News Programme

Not normally concerned about bias, I believe that after the referendum there should be an inquiring into BBC bias concerning the EU. Just two examples. Tonight Andrew Marr gave an uninterrupted platform to Sir Joh Major having virtually denied Boris Johnson thd right to speak at all.  It wasn’t even an interview.  Marr simply cut across every Johnson’s every attempt to speak and held forth himself. Earlier in the campaigning, Laura Kuenssberg interviewed Lord Heseltine.  The entire interview consisted of a belittling personal attack on Boris Johnson.  Not merely did Ms Kuenssberg give him an uninterrupted platform, she smiled and nodded encouragement throughout. Neither of these interviewers has the detachment necessary to do their job Please note: I watch these programmes on BBC recordings, so my Programme Time is notional.


I have given the date and time above although you could choose any day or time for this complaint. The BBC news is clearly pro remain EU and the way the channel defends this is disgusting, this is not impartial journalism. almost double the air time given to pro remain EU campaign and half that to Brexit. All the scare stories held up to convince the general public to vote one way. I have to find my news online these days, I struggle to watch the BBC and the omissions from your news broadcast. The BBC has become a propaganda machine for Tory politicians, i watch it through gritted teeth now, pro government this and that, it seems scared to criticize top Tory policitions but happy to dig out blind on attacks on Labours Corbyn etc. I don’t even like Corbyn but can see this is heavily swayed in one direction. The BBC has become one never ending party political broadcast for the Conservatives. Please wake up BBC, the UK is not blind and we are sick of it.

Andrew Marr show report on BBC website

The headline is “Majors anger at Leave campaign ‘deceit’”. The headline influences readers psychology to link deceit with Leave campaign. Why did the headline not be something that Boris said? This is not the first time bbc is favoring Remain campaign through biased headlines, short and full of impact but no context. BBC must review ALL headlines in future and apologise for its choice of headlines. BBC online news is consistently providing far too much coverage to what Remain campaign says in its headlines. This has got to stop. This organisation has far too much readership and is increasingly biased for remain campaign in the manner it is reporting. I will continue to highlight examples.

jeremy vine

First part of the program discussing immigration and points system. Vanessa had 3 people speaking – BBCs political correspondent – carol walker – 3 mins 50 sec – clearly pro eu- uninterrupted Labour Mp gisela stuart – leave – 5 mins 10 sec – interrupted while speaking Edwina Curry – pro eu remain – 6mins 10 sec – uninterrupted 2:1 pro eu & 2:1 time !!!??? Impartial bbc , I don’t think.

Six O’clock News

BBC Brexit Report Presented EU-Backed Professor As Independent ‘Trade Expert’ Introduced simply as a “trade expert”, Professor Barnard claimed there would be three possible scenarios for food prices if Britain votes to leave: either it remains in the Common Market which would result in “business as usual”, or it enters a new trade agreement, or there is no agreement resulting in tariffs imposed on goods. Ms Simpson then holds up a pack or bacon, saying if the third scenario happens its price could rise by 15 pence. She then puts it to Professor Barnard that tariffs could be cut, but the Monnet Chair answers: “Yes, but it would weaken the UK’s hand in any future international trade negotiations.” Professor Catherine Barnard is Jean Monnet Chair of EU Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge. The Jean Monnet programme was created by the European Commission with the aim of “stimulating teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies” and universities throughout the world. At no point is Professor Barnard’s EU affiliation mentioned in the report.


The BBC’s Assistant Political Editor – Norman Smith was asked about the BBC’s coverage of the EU Referendum. His opening line was “it is the fundamental story of who are we, are we part of Europe or are we something slightly different”. Some months ago Leave campaigners took the BBC for task for talking about the fact that the vote was not about the UK leaving Europe but rather it was about the UK leaving the EU. If one of the people controlling the way the debate on the BBC is still using this subtle misuse of language what hope do we have for having fair and balanced reporting?

BBC 5 o’clock news

The presenter introduced three young people from Wales, who were then interviewed in the studio about their views on Brexit. One of them was not British and doesn’t even have the right to vote! Why do the BBC continually ask foreigners what they think about Brexit? When are British people going to be allowed to voice their opinions? I am not interested in what the rest of the world and his dog think. It is for the British people to decide what happens and I want to hear their views.

Internet BBC News

EU fact checker wrote a deliberately misleading article about VAT. The question asked was can UK cut VAT by 5%, which is in response to the current leave proposition to cut FUEL Vat by 5% not normal Vat. The paragraph main answer was yes, they failed to mention fuel Vat in the short answer, this was hidden further down. This is not the proposal being debated heavily and currently!! EU rules are that FUEL Vat cannot be cut beyond its current rate of 5% and that is the current argument being discussed. Why was that no the featured answer in response to current news trends? The fact checkers are a disgrace and always portray even negative EU facts in a positive light

World at One + Today

The BBC is getting round its supposed commitment to equal and balanced coverage by selecting “news” stories that give the pro-EU message. Today it was the fact that the new GMB leader was allowed a largely uninterrupted and unchallenged speech about how important it was for Labour voters to vote Remain and to give his unchallenged assertions about how brilliant the EU had been for workers. Much the same happened on the Today programme this morning This was followed by William Perry, former US secretary of defense, being interviewed and saying that he wasn’t going to interfere but then going on to give a very gently challenged speech about how important it was that Britain remained in the EU and how brilliant it was. It would be very easy for the BBC to have avoided both these. Perry could have just been interviewed about the US election and US politics more widely and the GMB leader about his new role and the future of the Labour Party. But the BBC wants to get the pro-EU message across it seems. Neither programme interviewed someone with the opposite view. Surely this isn’t permitted, but if it is unchecked then expect to see more.


Yet again the BBC Radio 4 interviewers fail to prevent one of their regulars (Alistair Darling) from going on making extra points on staying in the EU rather than allowing the other equally important view to be aired – or that should be how the BCC reports to the public unless they are a mouthpiece for Big Businesses like themselves and Government. The Economic argument for staying is repeated over and over again i.e. that migration is good for the UK as it creates growth which all economists (not all actually) agree is fundamentally essential they say. However that argument is never challenged for its obvious error in that you cannot grow indefinitely as the country will literally fill up and how then would these economists deal with the practicalities of transport chaos (the people in London should get out more and try queuing on our motorways when they have important appointments to attend), not enough schools places or hospital beds etc and so on? Hang on, we have already reached that point! So where are the practical economists or don’t they exist?


The Today programme devoted virtually the whole programme up to 8am to the Remain campaign. Why? I thought Today was supposed to be balanced. The only balance was in the at times critical nature of the reporting on Remain, particularly the reporters puzzlement that Leave had crept ahead recently, as if the BBC was surprised. Surely there are good Leave stories to report?

Britain and Europe : For richer or poorer?

Under greater scrutiny, the BBC are finding ever more crafty ways to get their pro-EU bias across. How are they doing it? Even presentation followed by biased analysis. Remain and Leave arguments are first aired in an even fashion. But, then comes the sting in the tail. The BBC presenter then offers a concluding analysis, and that’s when the pro-EU fireworks are lit. Laura Kuennsberg’s programme followed this mantra to the hilt. A broadly even handed initial presentation of Remain and Leave people and businesses. But, as the analysis began, Remain analysts outnumbered those from Leave, more time was given to Remain, no BBC attempt made to scrutinise the past failures of pro-EU forecasters, or their EU connections and funding. Goldman Sachs was quoted without reference to their funding of the Remain campaign, no senior Brexit City people were interviewed (of which there are many) , and far more time was spent analysing the Brexit case with very little time indeed being afforded to analysing the massive risks of Remain. LK concluded by informing us the majority “evidence” was that Brexit would cause economic loss. Not only was this an outrageously partial comment, the term “evidence” was grossly misleading. For, the “evidence” is merely modelled outcomes based on flawed assumptions. LK made no attempt to caveat any of this. Disgraceful pro-EU bias, proving yet again the BBC cannot be trusted.