Continued biased BBC on the EU referendum, before and after the vote. Scare mongering, insighting hatred with the UK. Inaccurate reports, complete lies being told, falsifying reports, failure to report anything other than disaster stories after the vote. All over the TV, social media, it’s disgusting this organisation gets away with harbouring paedophiles, corruption money from the EU. The ordinary person pays for this service….this disgusting service it provides for the ordinary person. The BBC needs to be shut down permanently….no longer the mouth piece for the government, EU and the elite powerful cooperations and families than own and run the Country.


I’d like to complain about the biased reporting of the BBC on all media outlets. I find it disgusting that all sides were not given fair coverage by the BBC and how the vote leave supporters were basically called racist small minded and stupid by repeated interviewers.

bbc news

The BBC is totally biased in its opinion on brexit. They have not covered one good news story and every single story is doom and gloom. How do you expect our country to move forward when all you want to do is give bad news even when it’s not..

BBC News

During the BBC news there were comments made about businesses who have apparently had a change of heart after voting to leave. I got the immediate impression that the presenter was attempting to belittle anyone who voted to leave and looking for subtle angles to put down anyone who voted to leave. There were also petty attempts at name calling such as “Regrexits”, is the BBC trying to incite hatred and anger amongst its viewers? Because from what I’m viewing it looks like they are trying there hardest to cause even more friction now than they did during their biased broadcasting on the run up to the referendum.


Why was the leave camp always cut short by the presenter’s at both ends of the hall and why do your newscasters keep interrupting those they are intervewing do they like their own voice and a lot of people on Facebook noticed it as well and why was the results also on BBC 1 BBC News and BBC Parliament.It seemed the BBC wanted the UK to stay in the EU you should be ashamed of yourself and the head of news should be sacked.

BBC Breakfast

Interview with Digby Jones: reporter relentlessly pulling the conversation back to the negatives over Brexit. Digby handled it very well but the presenter was noticeably flustered and disconcerted with his own inability to push the panic agenda. Blatent bias once again.

BBC News

I am making a formal complaint here in general regarding the BBC. Their persistence in cherry-picking how & what they broadcast is quite frankly despicable & unforgivable ! The information should be impartial, unbiased & neutral. I know I am not alone when I say, I am sick to the back teeth of the BBCs partisan ways! Going forward I want to see a level playing field where there is balance and no more discrimination!

the EU referendum

These BBC are whipping up anti leave hated from the remain people, we “ordinary” people are suffering the abuse they are string up, they have to be accountable for what they are doing our third country will decend into civil war bright on by their bias attitude I have filled in a specific date only because it does not give me the option of a number of times and days to complain on, but it has been every day since the referendum


Too pro EU even after the democratic vote . Bbc has lost all respect from the people .disgusting ,unprofessional not 50/50 coverage. I don’t like my money being used in this way at all Yes that’s my money your wasting

BBC News

Whilst watching the extended news this morning I was discusted with how biased Naga was with Brexit voters & represtatives where treated! I felt so uncomfortable I turned of the TV. You where showing a one sided view.

BBC News

Since the EU referendum and the majority turned a result of ‘leave’, I have seen nothing but bias and negativity, in regard this outcome, from the BBC News broadcasts……Why can’t these presenters and some of these people they interview, not have RESPECT for this democratic vote, in which 17 and a half MILLION people voted Leave. It is absolutely outrageous that they continue to MOCK, TRASH the views of millions of ordinary people in this country and belittle them in the process and write them off like they are idiots and their opinion does not matter. …..It is sickening to watch and I feel very offended as a leave voter. I’m sure thousands of others do too.

BBC News

Not only were you biased against Leave and very Pro EU during the election campaign stifling debate only showing one side of the argument allowing racists to shout down Brexiteers etc you’ve since continued post Brexit we have democratically left the EU accept the British peoples decision. Clearly we as a nation are now critically evaluating many things within British life and politics and where we spend our hard earned money, including the BBC. if you are not going to represent those views impartially then you are no longer fit for purpose as the British Broadcasting Corporation and we will make our decisions on your future employment too. I now appreciate you may have lost some funding from the EU superstate and that may have influenced your views but your constant talking down of the British economy is self fulfilling and traitorous to the whole of this country, Cheers, one of the people who pays your wages

Bbc news, breakfast etc.

The bbc have been biased to the remain campaign throughout. I wrote two emails to and received no feedback. Since the result they have continued to be biased in their reporting. Misrepresenting the markets which are irrelevant at this stage anyway. They are deliberately trying to stir up trouble so that their scaremongering propaganda has more chance of coming true. They allow the remainers to continue their diatribe against the people. The news blackout on the troubles in Europe is continuing and their coverage of the petition to redo the referendum is as ridiculous as the petition itself. The bbc should be impartial but it should also be taking a positive approach to our new found confidence and belief in self determination. The people have spoken and their eyes have been opened to the bbc bias. We have taken on the elites and won. We will be quite happy to take on the bbc if necessary.

News Channel

Nice shameless plug for the online pettion for a 2nd EU referendum ! Sore losers BBC ?

BBC News

I turned on the BBC News which I seldom watch and was surprised to see an interview taking place in the market place in Banbury where I heard a businessman, who I later found out is a man named Lord Digby-Jones, being positive about Britain as an open and successful country. He spoke of Britain with passion and love. When the interview ended the cameras went to a presenter in London, whose name I researched as being Naga Munchetty. I was shocked to hear that she immediately felt at liberty to put his enthusiasm and love of country down by saying words to the effect of: “Boasting is very unattractive” as she then went onto present her next item. My love of Britain has grown over the years particularly through the study of Vedanta, the philosophy of India, which takes a spiritual view of the motherland and teaches that one must love and serve one’s country. Also, I admire and respect President Modi of India who encourages Indians to love and be proud of India and its unique attributes. Why are we told by the BBC that we cannot express our love and pride in our nation? Is it because it is biased in favour of a global agenda or because it has no knowledge of the ancient spiritual teachings on love of country?


What a refreshing change to the Today programme! It was buoyant, positive and took the referendum result seriously. The interviews reflected a fair balance. well done John Humphrys.


Radio 5 live had a most dismal view of Brexit. The interviews were nearly all with remain voters. No enthusiasm, no spirit of endeavour. Where is the balance?

Farming today

I thought we had voted to leave the EU! But Farming Today carried a series of interviews with Remain campaigners. What a sad programme, how negative. How unrepresentative of farmers. Wheres your get up and go?

BBC World News

BBC World News Middle East at 0745 hrs local time(0545 UK) The BBC is portraying the vote leave demographic as purely uneducated, poor and anti-immigration, living in squalor and probably unable to make an informed decision on the process. The members of “what now” continue to bash the vote leave stating they are misguided and exagerating the negativity of the decision. The BBC is so totally biased toward remain and has been so throughout the campaign, particularly on the BBC news App where nothing but negativity toward exit has been displayed and absolutely nothing with any positivity should it happen.

BBC News website

Website issue not programming (all very entertaining well done) Complaint -Online News stories, while being generally partial and unbiased in content and are being provocatively entitled to promote a pro EU opinion. This is not the impartial reporting I have come to expect from the BBC. Absence of facts from both debating sides only promotes uncertainty .

BBC News Mobile App

Every single tweet posted by users and published on the BBC news story is from an individual who is devastated and angry about leaving the EU. Not one response from one of the 17 million people who voted Leave.

Brexit…Live Running the occasional “Have your say” selection of tweets. Of course, rather than reflecting the 50/50 mood of the nation, there are typically 4 per box, three pro-EU and one against. They really don’t get it, do they?

EU referendum – The Result

I am appalled by the insulting commentary, I am currently listening to, about people who chose to vote to leave, implying that they are uneducated, had not thought the issues through thoroughly and were using the referendum as a way to express dissatisfaction about issues other than the European union. I was absolutely disgusted hearing David Dimbleby’s comments in this vein and feel totally insulted by this extremely biased and frankly rude reporting. As I type this, he is again saying that educated people vote remain and uneducated people vote leave and I cannot express enough how insulting this is to the electorate. I am fuming listening to this! How dare he make the assumption that I, amongst many others, am uneducated and too stupid to understand the issues involved in the debate, simply because I chose to make a vote that he and more widely the BBC, believe is wrong. I was also frankly stunned by his assertion that, since the country had a referendum in 1975, about remaining in the EC, that we had no need for another one. Does he realise exactly how long ago that was and how many of today’s voters were either children or not even born at that point, never mind the fact that the EC as an organisation was far from the same as the current EC. In addition, our country’s relationship with the EC was far removed from the one we currently have with the EU.

News At 6 O Clock

I am absolutely sick of the clear biased coverage on the EU referendum by the BBC, especially in recent weeks. As usual, at the start of the 6 o clock news, it leads in with positive sounding remain campaign headlines featuring David Cameron. It then quickly switched to a negative headline of a teenager verbally attacking Boris Johnson and the leave campaign. Once again the BBC is more than willing to associate negativity with the leave campaign in it’s reporting on the EU referendum. There have been several instances on recent news programmes of Nick Robinson constantly attacking Nigel Farage, especially when he released the first of a recent poster campaign. Yet there are no similar interviews conducted and shown by the BBC of its reporters attacking members of the remain campaign in a similar way because of the views that they may have. The BBC has become a complete embarrassment in recent weeks. I do not pay my license fee, to be forced fed political propaganda, no matter who it favours. I would pay for and read a national newspaper if I wanted that. I have lost all respect for the BBC and its biased programming agenda, so I will no longer be watching BBC channels and will be cancelling my TV license at the first opportunity.

BBC Newsroom Live

I sense a general pro-EU bias by the BBC but this is the second time I have felt compelled to flag a specific instance. During an item introduced as #BBCAskThis on the BBC News Channel they resorted to having BBC studio reporter Anita McVey ask BBC Europe editor Katya Adler three carefully selected “viewers’ questions” about the EU referendum. Adler’s replies slanted towards remain-positive, leave-negative scenarios. They could easily have come from the lips of a ready-primed remain campaigner. In her responses Adler mentions a nameless “high level source” in Brussels. If that doesn’t indicate a preference to broadcast pro-EU opinion then I don’t know what does. Predictably, no-one was on hand to dispute any of Adler’s contentions. It appears that the BBC have finally discarded their paper-thin pretence at impartiality and become a tool for the EU Remain camp. This, along with parroting unnecessary, near apocalyptic utterances from the BOE, does not serve the public at all. Such organisations should be brought to heel before they do any irreparable damage to their reputations, or more importantly, to our national interests.

Newsnight, BBC news

The description of my complaint is about every time Evan Davis or Laura Kuenssberg and co talk about the EU referendum it is to promote the Remain and to put down Leave. The same goes to the BBC news at 1, 6, or 10 during this referendum. The news channel appears to bang on night after night about Nigel Farage being some kind of bigot. If it wasn’t for Nigel Farage we wouldn’t be having this referendum in the first place. Also I notice Vote Leave are now using his own actual words. (“An Australian based points system”). I dont see the BBC gang turning on Boris or Andrea using these same remarks. The news at ten after the Wembley debate shows all the remain characters getting their applause after their speeches but none for the vote leave team. Do I have to honestly pay my licence to a “YES” BIG corporation who choose to show when and what bits to omitt to the detriment of one side. I am making this formal complaint against the BBC for their “bias viewing” and deliberate attempt to persuade the public in to voting on the Remain side. It is not impartial and in fact detrimental to Vote Leave and brings me to question their integrity and intentions. Kind Regards

BBC NEWS Channel

I was watching an interview unconnected with the U.K. Referendum on the BBC news channel when suddenly and without warning the interview was abruptly interrupted to move to a speech given by the Prime Minister strongly advocating the Remain campaign. Would the BBC interrupt an interview in this way for a speech by Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage advocating the Leave campaign? I think not! This is blatant bias by the BBC.

6 pm news

BBC 24 Hour News David vCameron has been on for the last 15 minutes giving a totally one sided view with no time for the Leave campaign to reply. This is total bias by the BBC, especially on the last night of campaigning. A total disgrace on the part of the BBC

BBC news

BBC News transmitted 15 minutes to stay in EU and 2 minutes to leave. This is so biased, there is now at 18.24 ,they broke into the news, a rant from Mr Cameron lasting 11 minutes making 25? Minutes on remain and 2 on leave. This is absolutely disgusting the BBC need to be bought to rights. ITV news did not switch to Mr Cameron.


BBC news channel 601 Broke into a news item to give David Cameroon a long 10 minute party political broadcast for the Remain party. No chance of any other view being heard. Shame on the BBC

World at One

News interviewer Martha Kearney constantly interrogating Boris Johnson attempting to get her biased views across! Arguing with him. Very irritating. I thought BBC were supposed to be impartial. I’d say not!

BBC Breakfast

A plea by David Cameron for the remain campaign in which he used the word TOGETHER as his mantra for the stay vote was followed by a lengthy feature about the tragic murder of Jo Cox. A number of people who knew her through her work and finally a senior cleric, spoke of her undoubted qualities . During these interviews the word TOGETHER was reiterated and emphasised a number of times in what appeared to be a barely veiled advertisement for the Remain Campaign. To use the tragic death of a young woman in this way I find cynical and sickening and the whole feature made for uncomfortable viewing.

The Great Debate

The British broadcasting company (BBC) is becoming more like the EBC (European broadcasting company.) My 17 year old daughter also agrees . Most of the focus and spotlight has been given to the Remain supporters. Last night for example (there are many ) David Dimbleby soon cut the Leave advocates short when they were providing comments and answering to comments from the audience and the remain side .He was actually blatantly suppressing the comments of the leave side .The sad desperation of Sadiq Khan was palpable . We Brits are not any fools and can see through the BBC’s rhetoric. Johnson and accused them of taking up too much time.Not once did Dimbleby do this to the remain side. The majority of BBC coverage of the EU referendum has followed in a similar vein. Time to switch off the BBC as it’s getting ridiculous. i totally agree with what other’s have observed (not really an observation as purely blatant bias by the BBC ) . Channel: BBC1 Programme Date: 21/06/2016 and all throughout recent Question Time Programmes David Dimbleby keeps interrupting or cutting the leave campaigners off quite abruptly and questions their comments with contempt and doubt. The presenters do not give the leave campaign equity and the same time to speak and allow the remain side to rudely interrupt and act appallingly. The BBC should be impartial and give equal weight to each side. Totally agree with Anthony Moriss and that : 1. David Dimbleby constantly allowed the Remain panel (especially Ruth Davidson) to interrupt the Leave panel without restraint. 2.During the second session at the back of the auditorium, the BBC presenter asked four members of the Remain group for their opinions about immigration but only for the opinion of two Leave members. If a ratio of two to one is not extreme bias in favour of Remain I don’t know what would be bias. Sadly can’t say i am surprised.

BBC News at 10

The coverage of the Wembley debate on the News at Ten was followed immediately by an interview of the widow of the murdered politician. The BBC allotted about 5 minutes to this interview, in knowledge that the events surrounding this tragic incident were being politicized by the Remain side to cast poisonous racist claims on the Leave campaign. This interview should not have been conducted prior to the referendum and clearly illustrates the BBC aim to undermine the Leave campaign.


BBC News headlines summing up EU debate Wembley Arena. BBC news 24 In the prelude summary of the headline stories, the news focused on the highlights of the EU debate. In the News at 10 on BBC1 following the debate, the extracted clips concluded with a short clip of Boris Johnson’s standing ovation. In the later summary, this was cut and substituted with Ruth Davidson’s final speech.


The BBC bias in favour of the EU nauseating. They have just broadcast on their breakfast program that we do 44.6% of our trade with the EU and that makes the EU our biggest trading partner. When I went to school the 55.4% of trade that we do with the rest of the world is larger than 44.6%. Trade with the rest of the world grew last year by 6% whereas trade with the EU fell by 3.3%. I believe that the intention of this biassed report is deliberately intended to influence voters in the EU referendum.

Jeremy Vine Item in question starts from beginning of above clip Item broadcast just 2 days before vote. Audience 8 million mainly middle age to older listeners. Programme item title: – Remain warning of economic turmoil if we leave the EU, but are you someone saying “Bring on the Crash, Britain needs it” This segment was then about whether this crash in the pound, a drop in house prices of 18% and a fall in the value of shares and thus peoples pensions would be a good thing, particularly for young people. There was a very brief couple of unnoticeable mentions at the very start of the programme saying “the leave side question whether there will be a crash, but the whole rest of the piece was done under the scenario of a crash in the pound. The 2 guests were a George Osbourne chief of staff from Black Rock – the worlds biggest asset management (Vine emphasising BIGGEST to show credible guest) saying the crash would be a very bad thing and a young journalist saying they would be happy if house prices crashed 18%. There was no attempt whatsoever by Jeremy Vine during the discussions to point out that a Leave vote might not lead to any of this crash scenario. The item went on and on about would the crash be good for young people and did they care if it was bad for older people. (the probable listeners). Two days before the referendum, this level of blatant bias was probably one of the worst I’ve heard.

Spotlight (South West regional news)

The article that the “booze cruise” would come to an end if we were to leave the EU has no factual basis and is yet another example of BBC bias towards the Remain campaign by blatant scare-mongering. In the unlikely event we leave the EU the UK would decide on the appropriate level of import duty, it may go up it may be unchanged it may go down by increasing the current personal quota. Absolutely disgusted that the BBC of all organisations should be subverting democratic process in this way.


Presenters not giving the leave campaign same time to speak at the back of the hall and cutting them short to return to the remain side

Eu debate

Both david dimbleby and the other interviewer kept cutting the leave campainers off quite abrubtly and questioned their answers but for some reason did not do that for the remain campainers


VT Editing of this evening’s debate clearly favours the REMAIN camp, as presented during News@10. This is an absolute disgrace. The BBC should be impartial and give equal weight to each side. This appears to be a consistent approach. Really concerned with obvious BBC pro Euro stance.

EU Referendum

Have been watching the debate on Europe and as a tax payer I am horrified with the biased of David dimbleby and the bbc for the remain, campaign. One example is the last question is to the remain and the constant cutting off, of the exit panellist.

EU Referendum: the great debate

1. David Dimbleby constantly allowed the Remain panel (especially Ruth Davidson) to interrupt the Leave panel without restraint. 2.During the second session at the back of the auditorium, the BBC presenter asked four members of the Remain group for their opinions about immigration but only for the opinion of two Leave members. If a ratio of two to one is not extreme bias in favour of Remain I don’t know what would be bias.

The great debate

On the issue of immigration when questioning the panel of experts bias was clearly shown as the presenter preceded to ask the opinion of most the remain panel but only asked the opinion of one of the leave with another left to defend themselves from a question from remain. Also the presenter cut them both short

The Big Debate BBC chaired by David Dimbelby

Watching this debate I thought the chairman of a debate is supposed to show no bias. Can you explain why David Dimbelby has allowed the remain campaign to interrupt the leave campaign answering a question by allowing the interruption but not allowing it to happen vica-versa, especially when Boris Johnson is speaking. As chair he is showing bias and tbis is the most important vote facing this century. Shame on you chairman and shame on you BBC..

The EU Referendum: Great Debate

Absolutely disgracefully rude – letting remain members speak over leave members. Also cutting off leave speakers deliberately, and giving more time to the remain side. Unfair, and biased! Also between the London mayors, stop allowing the personal attacks against Boris, this is unfair.

Website news

News Website has 2 remain features – NO LEAVE . BEEN THE CASE FOR SEVERAL DAYS. Supporting Remain with MY money!!!


I’d like to lodge a general complaint against the BBC for sheer volume of Pro EU articles. There is a very clear lack of balance and as such I will be withdrawing from paying the licence fee as I do not watch live TV and I can get my online news elsewhere.

Bbc news

Constant news about remain which vastly over powers the leave campaign , surely the bbc should be impartial

BBC News Channel

BBC reporters are quite rude throughout these programs today, and seem totally biased towards the in campaign, have noticed they have cut off speakers for the out and have been extremely rude because of their bias.. Giving full report for the Prime minister speeches


Headline :David Beckham supports remaining in EU. So what? There must be plenty of other sports personalities or celebrities who have an opposite opinion but really what relevance do they have to the debate. In my view this is the latest in many ” stories” which are carefully crafted to influence public opinion in a particular direction ie: remain in EU Quite disgraceful for a publicly funded body which is required to be impartial. The organisation has systematically destroyed it’s reputation as a reliable and impartial source of news and information.

BBC News at 10

The ongoing reporting of the heinous murder of Jo Cox has highlighted that the alleged murderer had extreme right wing views, fair enough. But the stupid woman reporting last night suggested it could now change people’s minds on voting to exit the EU. I find this subjective and ridiculous statement as false as Cameron et al pathetic non-founded pap they are feeding us. Let’s face it, no-one has clear evidence of what will happen or not happen if we stay or leave. It should be an individual decision not fed by these idiot scaremongers. Why did Cameron agree to have a referendum if the remain camp feel the UK will become the pariah of Europe?


The first 20 minutes of the BBC news last night was basically a REMAIN advert…. I’m not even sure a lot of the content even qualified as news. Truly the most biased news program i have ever seen from the BBC and broadcast during the week of the vote. I am not sure what the BBC have been promised but i hope it was worth it – my eyes have been opened. “Fortunately for serious minds a bias recognized is a bias sterilized”


Nick Robinson’s interview of Michael Gove: ask question, interrupt after a few words, give extensive summary of argument from Remain campaign, ask another question, interrupt again, …

bbc news

I have no involvement in politics but I have been quite shocked at the way the BBC has been used as a propoganda platform throughout the EU referendum. The method has often been quite subtle and some effort obviously is made to appear unbiased. These people are obviously professionals. The format is usually to present a statement made by a pro EU Establishment or celebrity figure, The statement (usually an opinion) is presented as the main theme theme and is thus given the the kudos and weight of being the main factual presentation whilst the opposing view is merely presented merely as a reply/ objection to the grand central statement. The statement is often given additional importance by being the main news headline, when in fact it is just someones opinion with absolutely no basis in fact as was the case ths morning concerning with the headline status of the PRO REMAIN views of an american billionare. It is quite difficult to describe exactly the subtle way in which the BBC has been used but it is nevertheless quite frightening.

Today Programme

Am utterly fed up with the bias the Today programme shows towards the UK remaining in the EU. The interview between Michael Gove and Nick Robinson epitomises this. How stupid do the Today editors think their listeners are? The challenges to the Remain argument are far less savage than they are to the Leave argument. And the headline news..Two voices on why we should remain as opposed to one in the leave. Am deeply upset to realise the BBC is NOT the impartial organisation they are supposed to be..

Bbc news

Disgraceful biased reporting regarding pro ‘Remain’ Huge amount of time on Cameron etc; practically nothing on leave. Outrageous and blatant bias.

BBC News

Johnathon Charles going on about people thinking one way with their heart and then voting remain with their head. The BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation) at it’s best.

bbc news, newsnight, question time, today (radio 4)

I complained about BBC 2 Newsnight; Radio 4 “Today”;”Question Time”; BBC News 24; about consistent bias with coverage of items and interviewers: “Throughout this time of EU debate I have been thoroughly shocked at the extreme partiality shown by interviewers on the BBC – whether it be John Humphrys biting aggressively into Boris Johnson, not allowing him to speak without rude, violent and, yes, unintelligent dog-in-the-bone harassment; or on Newsnight the Leader of the House of Commons being interrupted (agreed less violently) by Evan, whilst listening quietly with no interruption to “remain” guests. My reply from BBC: “We do not believe your complaint has raised a significant issue of general importance that might justify further investigation”. What issue is of greater importance?

The big EU reality check

Absolutely not unbiased, subtle enough to fool the unsuspecting but completely unscrupulous and obviously pro remain !!!!


I thought that BBC were meant to support encourage unbiased journalism, however Newsnight is not compliant with this model. The host is clearly pro-brexit and all questions asked during his interview focused on the pro-brexit camp. How are people expected to make an educated choice on this referendum when BBC hosts are encouraging the Brexit?????????????

news at 10

BBC gave over 15 minutes between 22:10 to 22:25 totally pushing the Remain group.. Totally biased to Remain. Shocking.

News at Ten

The BBC analysis of the EU Referendum on the News at Ten news programme was blatantly biased in favour of Remain. The coverage, especially the reporter located at a port, listed, and emphasised, every known objection to the UK leaving the EU without providing any counter arguments as to the potential benefits of leaving. The BBC has consistently shown bias in favour of the Remain campaign but this programme was particularly biased, even by BBC standards

10 O’Clock News

Heavily biased towards ‘Remain’ in EU debate, with much more time and prominence given to Remain opinions.

Why Brexit would boost Donald Trump

This article: is effectively stating that if you vote Brexit, get Trump. This is compounded by the short title on the main page, “Why Brexit would boost Donald Trump” This is a clear attempt to try to scare Labour voters into not voting for Brexit by associating Brexit with the controversial Trump. Outrageous. Trump has NOTHING to do with Brexit.

the big eu reality check

This programme is so blatantly biased towards the remain campaign that i am deeply ashamed that i pay a licence fee for such obvious Remain propaganda. I expect so much more from a usually unbiased BBC, but it appears that it is not the case during this referendum. The BBC should hang its head in shame – would it be happy to be known as the EBC – the European Broadcasting Corporation, or more rightly, the BBC – the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. The same Corporation that so proudly covered our Majesty’s 90th Birthday celebrations with all the pomp and circumstance necessary, and rightly provided, for such an auspicious occasion, then sells it wartime dead and pays lip-service to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to avoid us being ruled by the Germans. When did the BBC decide it was ashamed to be British anymore? Freedom is not free.

BBC news

No reports of refugees rioting in Calais today.They are throwing rocks at cars and lorry’s.


Nick Robinson was “interviewing” Nigel Farage, supposedly about his claim that the Remain side was using Jo Cox’s death to associate intolerance and anti-immigration feeling with the Leave campaign, but proceeded to talk over him and kept repeating triumphantly that, with the Referendum almost here, this could be the last interview with Farage on the BBC. Farage is used to this sort of treatment from the BBC and battled on, but I can’t imagine any of the politicians on either side being treated as a figure of fun in the quite such a disrespectful way. So much for the call to treat public figures with a sense of dignity in the wake of Jo Cox’s tragic murder, whatever their politics.

Evening news

Same morning noon and night. Blatant remain backing and bias. Disgrace. Thought I was watching a party political broadcast. Making me totally fed up


Interview with Nigel Farage re. how the ‘In’ Campaign are using the sad death of Jo Cox to make out that the people in favor of Brexit are stirring up hate in the country and are xenophobic. I don’t agree with Nigel Farage in all things but I do agree that the BBC have been pushing this idea along with the ‘Inners’ ever since the horrific murder of Mrs Cox. I thought the interviewer was abnormally aggressive and unwilling to acknowledge anything Mr Farage had to say.

BBC news on internet

You continually put stories online, like today, quote “top bosses move to remain”. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you getting paid? There was no reference at all to the leave campaign. You should be neutral, and I’ve watched since the referendum was announced, and you’ve consistently aligned to stay. Its abysmal, why are you creeping to Whitehall? So sad to see a great institution sullied.

Daily Politics

JO COBURN IS JOINED BY NICK HERBERT AND KATE HOEY TO DISCUSS THE EU REFERENDUM. Jo Coburn was ineffective at managing this discussion, and not for the first time, seemingly allowing Herbert to rant on, in support of the Remain Campaign, completely unchecked by Coburn. And then when Kate Hoey was asked a related question, Herbert thought it in order to interrupt and barrack her, with his ranting annoying manor, and very little or no control was applied to the interview. I turned the TV off in disgust!

Question Time

BBC Bias for Remain You keep rebroadcasting “The Case for Remain”, like on 19th June twice and at 8pm BBC Parliament 20 June You show no such consideration for the Case for Leave. The first supposed Leave rebroadcast was cancelled due Cox murder moratorium Both Remain and Leave may have 1 more rebroadcast very later night in coming nights. That does not take away that you will have twice more shown Remain at good times. The argument “Cameron is Prime Minister, so more important” does not hold up as it was on behalf of Remain campaign, and it was as leader of the same, that he was there. Yesterday -19th – you SHOULD have followed the rebroadcast of Cameron with the rebroadcast of Gove At the least you should rebroadcast Leave around 11 pm on one of the main channels in the coming days, apart from the already scheduled late night broadcasts of each side, and appropriately advertise such rebroadcast so people know about it.

BBC News

I have been watching the news this morning and this afternoon, and felt that the BBC was very pro remain. i thing while reporting the BBC should remain impartial and should give fair coverage of leave and remain campaigns and not add weight to the scare mongering of the remain campaign. There was a financial adviser on this morning’s program that made negative points only on the Brexit and only positive comments on the remain campaign this i found very biased .

Victoria Derbyshire

Their top story today was on Baroness Warsi decision to change sides based on a single poster, which the Leave campaign made clear was not the language that they use. It was up to viewers to say how odd her sudden decision change was, based not on fact for remaining but her outrage at this single Nigel Farage poster. Today most of the BBC news and website has headlined her decision, but it seems odd that none of the BBC Journalists have bothered to ask on this important decision, is it not best to base your decision on the facts rather than if your prefer Cameron to Farage ? I’d go so far as to say that she was always for remain and simply decided to effect this sudden change to discourage people from voting leave, on the basis that there must be good reason for a Baroness to change sides.

More or Less – The referendum by Numbers (Parts 1 and 2)

This programme claimed (without MPs shouting contradictory statistics at each other) to give people the ‘truth’ and help them make an ‘informed vote’ in the referendum ‘with the relevant facts’. From the outset of the programme it appeared the purpose was to set out dismantle the Leave campaign’s assertions piece by piece, in some cases misrepresenting their position, or where they were found to be correct, minimising them with the repeated and judicious word BUT, or finding someone on the same side of the argument to disagree with them. Many of the key issues on our balance of trade with the EU or the encroachment of the ECJ were not even mentioned. The tone seemed at times to be sneering and sarcastic and not all of the participants’ affiliations were made clear.

BBC Facebook page

BBC News facebook story – How the EU vote could change your holiday. How much does it cost to be in EU a reality check. The BBC facebook page is clearly Pro EU and the BBC is supposed to be impartial.

BBC News

During the two day suspension of referendum campaigning the news on radio continued to broadcast comment from ‘EU Sources’ stating that Britain would have the same amount of relevance as Guernsey should the UK vote to leave the EU. There was no opportunity because of the suspension of campagning to reply to that accusation from the ‘leave’ camp. The BBC knew this but continued to broadcast the material anyway.


Three stories in a row that give far greater emphasis for remain – disgraceful. I) Cheap Labour – Strawberry pickers – who else would do it? (what do they do the migrants do when there are no strawberries left to pick and couldn’t students do this work?) ii) Car manufacturing supporting Remain iii) The non-story of a MP changing sides, when nobody was aware of her initial position anyway. Then connecting the Leave campaign to UKIPs posters was a low blow and not representative of most Leave supporters but this obviously helps to make a solid connection with Leave and racism. The BBC should not be trying to ‘Nanny’ viewers or carryout the Prime Minister’s dirty work, it is underhanded, condescending and utterly unacceptable. As I wrote this at 6.53am we then get the next story of how the uncertainty is affecting the pound and possibly interest rates. It always follows the same pattern: BAD NEWS – if we leave, then a couple of words of how leave might not be too bad, perhaps, possibly.

BBC Breakfast

Blatant bias towards remain #propoganda. You are supposed by law to be impartial. Really disappointed with you BBC

BBC news

I’ve just seen Mrs Kinnock being interviewed by the BBC commenting on the terrible death of MP Jo Cox. As the interview went on the interviewer turned to questions about nastiness in politics. Mrs Kinnock then used this to her pro EU stance and effectively turned a terrible terrorist act into a platform for the Remain camp. The interviewer did nothing to interrupt what was becoming a cynical point scoring exercise for Remain in the EU. Let me be clear. Her comments somehow linking the Leave campaign and nastiness in politics and this terrible act by a lone lunatic with a gun was nothing short of disgusting. The interviewer however let her carry on down this track uninterrupted. I thought he should have stopped her and moved back to the point in question i.e. The murder of a sitting MP and security. I thought this showed bias by the BBC letting Mrs Kinnock mention Europe and the referendum in an artical that had nothing to do with either. It smacks of biased reporting at a time four days away from a referendum maybe the most important ever in our Country. The very least the interviewer should have clarified that there was no link between Europe and this awful act but instead let her blithely carry on making her points. I am very angry about this sort of thing I feel that if Nigel Farage (not that he ever would stoop so low) had made the same link for the opposition he would have been stopped in his tracks. BBC bias for a government that pays their way with our money. Shame on you.

pienaars politics

Pienaar had invited nigel farage to argue his case against 3 in campainers along with Pienaar himself.

Andrew marr

Marr stated that the times newspaper is in favour of brexit. Yesterday the times said they were supporting remaining in EU. This should be corrected on the programme where it was said

Radio 1 newsbeat with Tina Daheley

Every single newsbeat report that discusses the EU features a pro EU ‘remain’ argument or warning clip lasting a significant portion of the report followed by the news reporter quoting a short sentence on the leave campaign opinion. (Without detail or specifics). EVERY news report bar none is heavily pro EU dominated. Why should I pay a license fee for propaganda?

News Home

Why is the BBC pro EU (stay in Europe) in the Remain or Leave daily news? It seems that it promotes on a daily basis all the pluses of why Britain should remain in the EU according to all the latest statements made by the remain campaigners earning what WILL happen if we leave the EU?!

BBC Website

Pro-EU bias by omission. The BBC’s favourite mode of undue partiality. Today, the German owned Deutsche Bank declared UK growth would be rapid following Brexit. It specifically cited a fall in sterling as a catalyst for economic expansion. As at 3pm, the BBC website has completely ignored this story. It has also ignored the public declaration from the Head of Markets at National Australia Bank that sterling could rocket upwards post-Brexit. The BBC website has also been running a headline that the pound is slipping, at a time when it was gaining against the euro. We simply cannot trust the BBC to provide impartial news and analysis.

BBC World News

BBC World I am not an avid TV News viewer, I have considered TV News to be no more than entertainment for many years. Nevertheless, I do tune in from time to time just to get a broad picture of what is, or is not, going on in the world. So when I have the time to ‘switch on’, I surf between BBC World, France 24, EuroNews, Russia Today and Aljazeera. So, based on my infrequent viewing, I have to say that as a result of my completely random samplings , almost all references to the UK referendum from the BBC when I’ve tuned in are ‘pro’ staying in. Understandable since the BBC is Govt controlled.

BBC Editors

Pro-EU bias of BBC editors and programme makers. Yesterday, David Kew, a BBC Film Director, was exposed as being in the same flotilla as Bob Geldof, challenging Scottish Fishermen over EU fishing policy. Quite apart from rich non-fishermen presuming to know what’s best for fishermen and their businesses, the arrogance and ignorance of Geldof’s attack caused some Labour Remainers to leave Geldof in disgust. This episode exposes, yet again, that most (if not all) of those in charge of making programmes and editorial decisions at the BBC are pro-EU. It matters hugely, because those very same people decide what millions of voters see/hear on BBC TV/Radio News. Is it any wonder this site, and indeed the BBC News Politics website, is now crammed full of complaints about the evident and unashamed BBC bias towards the EU.

News at Ten

Every night BBC TV News reporting on the EU referendum favours the Brexit cause over the Remain cause. A concrete example is Kuennsberg’s description of Theresa May as a “reluctant Remainer” when nothing in the interview she had just conducted with May suggested any hesitation on May’s part; indeed May had explained how her experience of negotiating with EU partners led her to believe that security from terrorism within the EU was better served by remaining within the EU. Kuennsberg’s own pro-Brexit view seems apparent every night, but there is a general pro-Brexit bias in reporting, subtly conveyed in use of language, emphasis and sequencing, present too in certain other journalists’ reports. Also, many more pro-Brexit than pro-Remain vox pop opinions, often more vehemently expressed, are broadcast. Only Katya Adler can be relied upon to give a balanced, neutral account.

BBC Online

For the first time in my life I have written to the BBC about their biased reporting – in particular their BBC News website. I wake most mornings to read/listen to statements such as “Gordon Brown WILL say XXXX, or David Cameron will say later today XXX.” (This was particularly strong in the last few days with the Remain campaign relaunch). That isn’t news reporting it is reading out of press releases/propoganda. I may be biased and just imagining it but I can’t think of an example where a Brexit statement has been promoted hourly in advance of it being made. If any reference is made to a Brexit statement it is prefaced with “Farage CLAIMS”, etc. Finally if we all have one vote each then why is so much emphasis being given to what the Elites, Business leaders, Luvvies think – every time Boris Cumberbatch or Lord Sugar is interviewed there should be equal time given to an ordinary British Citizen voter in a Doctor’s queue in Fleetwood or sitting in a traffic jam in outer London or pleading with the local housing authority in Dover!