Despite the vote for Brexit, the BBC output remains massively opposed to withdrawal from the EU. It is required by law to be impartial, but is not. At the same time, its complaints procedure is not fit for purpose. It is designed mainly to protect the BBC. With the process of Brexit now underway, it is vital that pressure is applied to force it to become properly fair. That is the purpose of this site.


This site has been created by News-watch. We have been monitoring the BBC’s output for 17 years and thus have unmatched experience and expertise. Our reports are already read at the highest level, and our purpose now is to ensure that the issues involved in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are properly covered. But we have limited resources, so we need your help. The BBC’s output is massive and a main tactic is to defend against accusations of bias by claiming that balancing material elsewhere has been missed. Every complaint registered here will be considered carefully and used as an essential part of our monitoring efforts and analysis.

News-watch is continuing its monitoring throughout the process of withdrawal, using new technology that allows the recording and searching in retrospect of a greater range of BBC output than has ever been possible. This will allow us to attack the BBC’s phoney defences more effectively. We are analysing with unprecedented range and depth areas such as content themes, the editorial stance of individual programmes, or the approach presenters over time.

We intend to put intense pressure on the BBC high command as Brexit unfolds. BBC Complaints will be a core part of that process. It is an easy-to-use conduit for you to be fully engaged in holding the Corporation to account.

Report EU Bias

Our hope is that you will alert us to as many examples as possible of BBC EU bias. Please register your observations below. We’ll feature some of the most interesting contributions on the site, and create an archive of complaints that will serve as a clear record of the Corporation’s failings.

We’re not linked to or affiliated with the BBC, and can’t guarantee that we will use your complaint directly in our work. As such, you may also wish to voice your concerns directly to the BBC using the Corporation’s own complaints procedure.

Featured Submissions

In this section are some of the most interesting contributions we’ve received about BBC EU Bias.
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Latest Submissions

Here are the most recent contributions to the site:

  • Steve Wright in the Afternoon

    Programme Date:01/08/2017, BBC Radio 2

    Light entertainment show interview with Alex Salmond who was asked his view on Brexit and was given an unchallenged platform to be completely negative about Brexit. No challenge and no balance so even on non news programms anti brexit views now have an unchallenged platform

    Author:V O'Shea
  • morning news

    Programme Date:29/07/2017, BBC1

    MP Grant Chaps appears to talk about Broadband delivery, Naga Munchetty launches into him about Brexit matters,whole item slot is painfully extended while interviewer batters away and Grant Chaps presents a sound reply,I was interested about Broadband not Brexit, BBC stands for Brexit Bashing Company I suppose?

    Author:Brexit Bashing Company
  • Newsnight

    Programme Date:28/07/2017, BBC1

    Kirsty Wark had a studio guest who opposed the democratic choice to leave the EU and a Conservative MP on to link up. The discussion was about air travel after the uk leaves the EU. The presenter chose to ignore the MP on the tv and the production staff turned the sound down so we were unable to hear her response.You could see the invited guest on the screen answering the question but not aware they chose to censor her response. Absolutely shocking.

  • newsnight

    Programme Date:28/07/2017, BBC2

    Totally false information in item on Open Skies agreement and other aviation agreements. MEP who specialised in this was trying to give the correct situation when she her microphone was blatantly switched off!

  • Newsnight

    Programme Date:28/07/2017, BBC2

    Kirsty Warks interview about the aviation situation in Europe was so rude and biased towards her videoed guest who had a wonderful optimism and simplistic transition solution especially being involved as an MEP. Kirsry clearly opted for the pessimistic and scaremongering view of her studio guest, shame on you

    Author:Steve in surrey
  • News at Six

    Programme Date:25/07/2017, BBC1

    News item ,farm animal show new forest area,cut to cow and reporter, then anti Brexit diatribe on animal welfare standards, cut to canned pictures of American chicken production stating, birds washed in chlorine etc So? no explanation as to health implications, just Brexit and you will get lousy chemical covered food. Great impartial reporting!

    Author:Brexit Chicken Shock

Recent Comments

  • richard 29th July 2017 at 6:03 pm on NewsnightOh yes. She wouldnt let her answer...the chap in the studio had all the time in the world..and then at the end they faded her out while she was trying to answer. That was one of the most blatant censorings Ive ever seen...no thank you or anything to her.
  • V j 9th July 2017 at 8:11 pm on BBC NewsNot when you are the one with the microphone!
  • Gordon Hunter 2nd July 2017 at 4:23 pm on The Andrew Marr ShowAndrew Marr is very biased and constantly aggressively interrupts conservative political representatives
  • June Fraser-Reid 29th June 2017 at 10:40 pm on Laura Kuenssberg BBC Political EditorSick and tired of Laura Kuenssberg totally biased comments. Clearly she must stop this bitter attack on the prime minister. She needs to accept that this is a democratic vote by the people to leave the EU and the fact that her friends in the Labour Party did not get enough seats. They had eleven years and left the tax payers with a debt to repay. Shame on the B.B.C.
  • Vanessa 29th June 2017 at 5:21 pm on Who Should We Let InThe U.K.'s population in 1900 (which included Ireland at the time) was 38 million. Today, the U.K.'s population is about 66 million (most of us believe even more). The foundation of the Welfare State weren't laid until 1942, and the National Health Service/National Insurance Scheme were launched in 1948. Newcomers to our country in the late 19th/early 20th centuries were not 'given accommodation' - they were hardworking and self-reliant.
  • Hope Springs 26th June 2017 at 10:51 pm on Laura Kuenssberg BBC Political EditorThe woman is constantly aggressive towards brexit and the prime minister. She has no respect for the people of the UK who voted to leave and is constantly trying to find negatives, (even if there are none) when talking to any MP she can harangue into a conversation. It is about time that the BBC, which should also look at it's supposed "impartiality" when reporting” the facts" when none are actually known, e.g. the inferno last week which apparently is the governments fault, despite it being a Labour council! Enough is enough BBC, stop the Laura Kuenssberg nightly show and
  • Marc Jones 25th June 2017 at 11:16 pm on NewsnightBBC Newsnight is ridiculously biased regarding Brexit. Clearly the entire organisation has deep seated issues that prevent them from engaging in constructive discussions about the best way forward for the nation. Actually they seem to be doing their best to destroy the country's future outside the EU - This decision was voted for by the majority of the British people. Evan Davies is a disgrace, a bully when interviewing anyone he disagrees with over Brexit, he patronises evyone and tries o humiliate them on air. I was an avid newsnight fan but do not watch anymore because of the 'cringe
  • Christine Keating 25th June 2017 at 8:50 am on Jeremy Vine talking on Ken Bruce showI agree and I am appalled at the blatant biased reporting from the BBC on the whole Brexit issue and the subject if the recent report on the huge population increase being played down while again promoting unregulated immigration, this is a democratic country that voted to leave the EU and instead of being more patriotic and loyal to the welfare and security of the UK in these worrying times the BBC is not being impartial or fair in its reporting.
  • Micheal Grubber 24th June 2017 at 10:25 pm on Jeremy Vine talking on Ken Bruce showI am in total agreement with this comment and many others on this site. I cannot believe how biased the BBC have become, it's like living in some twisted Orwellian society where the voice of the ordinary people is completely drowned by the screeching social media harpies! How I fear for the sickly coloured "rainbow" future awaiting us all. We most stop sitting idly watching this car crash happen, time to act folks!
  • F Heaton 24th June 2017 at 5:47 pm on Brexit Means BrexitIf the BBC wants to keep its licence-funded existence, it is essential to be an unbiased, non-partisan organisation. Their programmes featuring Brexit always focus on negatives, rather than the many positives of leaving the EU. Rarely are the negatives of the EU today (including even closer involvement between member states in the future) mentioned. The expensive membership fees, lack of direction regarding immigration, waste of funds, beaurocracy, etc) are rarely given a mention. In my opinion, the BBC is fast losing its credibility as a first-rate news source.