Despite the vote for Brexit, the BBC output remains massively opposed to withdrawal from the EU. It is required by law to be impartial, but is not. At the same time, its complaints procedure is not fit for purpose. It is designed mainly to protect the BBC. With the process of Brexit now underway, it is vital that pressure is applied to force it to become properly fair. That is the purpose of this site.


This site has been created by News-watch. We have been monitoring the BBC’s output for 17 years and thus have unmatched experience and expertise. Our reports are already read at the highest level, and our purpose now is to ensure that the issues involved in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are properly covered. But we have limited resources, so we need your help. The BBC’s output is massive and a main tactic is to defend against accusations of bias by claiming that balancing material elsewhere has been missed. Every complaint registered here will be considered carefully and used as an essential part of our monitoring efforts and analysis.

News-watch is continuing its monitoring throughout the process of withdrawal, using new technology that allows the recording and searching in retrospect of a greater range of BBC output than has ever been possible. This will allow us to attack the BBC’s phoney defences more effectively. We are analysing with unprecedented range and depth areas such as content themes, the editorial stance of individual programmes, or the approach presenters over time.

We intend to put intense pressure on the BBC high command as Brexit unfolds. BBC Complaints will be a core part of that process. It is an easy-to-use conduit for you to be fully engaged in holding the Corporation to account.

Report EU Bias

Our hope is that you will alert us to as many examples as possible of BBC EU bias. Please register your observations below. We’ll feature some of the most interesting contributions on the site, and create an archive of complaints that will serve as a clear record of the Corporation’s failings.

We’re not linked to or affiliated with the BBC, and can’t guarantee that we will use your complaint directly in our work. As such, you may also wish to voice your concerns directly to the BBC using the Corporation’s own complaints procedure.

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In this section are some of the most interesting contributions we’ve received about BBC EU Bias.
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  • News

    Programme Date:16/04/2017, BBC Online

    Bias. 2 anti brexit headlines. No positives ever mentioned. The stories are light on facts and are a real reach. One implying Lloyds are moving jobs to the EU. One implying that British people are trying to become EU passport holders. Not news. Im sure there are some but the main flow is and always will be the other way. Ask some 18 -30s in Greece or Spain. Just Propaganda. Should not be news. I have written to the BBC, third time this year. No responses ever. Why no positives there are so many. Exported, free trade, comment wealth, democratic deficit eliminated, pressure of the NHS, Cutting red tape, Balance of payments, extra tax gained, not being part of the organisation that cant change and that benefits Germany over unemployed youth in Spain and Greece.

    Author:Phil Hatton
  • text news

    Programme Date:11/04/2017, BBC1

    It was reported in the text news that there was a cyberattack on the WEB SITE TO VOTE IN THE BREXIT VOTE. Not as reported in other media the WEBSITE FOR SIGNING UP TO VOTE IN THE EU REFERENDUM. Clearly another example to link something negative with Brexit. There is a continuous stream of the negative linked to the things and people its biased against. This serves to subtly plant this type negative bias in peoples minds. This should not be happening in a publicly funded broading castingcompany.

  • Brexit vote site ‘may have been hacked’

    Programme Date:12/04/2017, BBC1

    Brexit vote site ‘may have been hacked’ headline on the website this morning, just a JOKE! They are referring to the “Register to Vote” website that crashed through high traffic or a DDOS attack (not a hack). This is too far for me, this is shocking bias. This headline is clearly trying to suggest that the referendum result to leave was in some way compromised. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39564289

  • Today

    Programme Date:08/04/2017, BBC Radio 4

    Wilful distortion of Ford executive’s comments about his firm’s future in the U.K. & Europe. His comments were twisted to say Ford did not guarantee its future post Brexit when he actually said “nobody can guarantee anything” looking forward forward over time.

  • BBC News at Six

    Programme Date:05/04/2017, BBC1

    On 5 April 2017, Nigel Farage made a fantastic, patriotic speech in the European Parliament rebuking them for the stance taken regarding negotiations. In his speech Mr Farage was standing up for the UK and its interests (something which the BBC never does!). The BBC then showed an edited clip of this speech on BBC News at Six in order to give the impression that Nigel had been cowed for saying that the European Parliament was like the mafia and did not show that, in fact, Nigel stood his ground and retorted with a riposte about them being gangsters. Appalling and disgusting editing and bias! If only other politicians and the BBC had half of Nigel’s honesty and patriotism!

  • The Now Show

    Programme Date:31/03/2017, BBC Radio 4

    Totally Remain biased coverage resulting in me switching off this programme although whole series 50 has been the same but become unbearable assualt on leavers by BBC Elite. As a loyal listener for many years you have turned me off the show completely


Recent Comments

  • Margo Ringla 19th April 2017 at 9:41 am on NewsI agree Phil. As soon as Teresa May announced a general election the BBC couldn't resist interviewing people who had negative views !! One pompous offical on newswatch said that the BBC will report what they think is right and not what others see as bias, even though they had an overwhelming amount of complaints from the public. I for one, on hearing that, promptly signed a petition to the Governement for a hearing of the removal of the licence fee. If they carry on with such bias why should the country have to pay a licence fee for the
  • Mike Hughes 9th April 2017 at 10:57 am on The Big QuestionAn audience full of young naïve, PC liberals, brainwashed through University with totally madcap notions; being treated by the BBC as representative and normal.
  • Margo Ringla 7th April 2017 at 8:32 am on WebsiteThe way to stop the rampant BBC bias against Brexit is to add your name to the petition to scrap the TV licence. I have noticed they seem to have stepped up the barrage of doom and gloom predictions since article 50 was triggered
  • Gary Aldridge 6th April 2017 at 10:13 pm on Brexit Britains biggest dealFarewell James and good luck. Firstly on what "facts" have you on your diotic claims you make - that will be none then - right ? With your doom and gloom attitude good riddance I am confident this country will prevail with or without you !
  • Mr Derek Morgan 6th April 2017 at 10:31 am on BBC newsWhat is so clever about being dictated to on how we are to live our lives by unelected and unaccountable foreign powers. I seem to recall that hundreds of thousands of Brits gave their lives to give us the democratic right to determine our own destiny by election of our own Parliaments who would rule subject to the will of the British people. Can I suggest that Dawkins and other collaborators of the E.U. visit the War Graves through out Europe full of English dead and bow their heads in shame.
  • barry taylor 31st March 2017 at 6:02 am on BBC NEWSI look forward to the bbc asking me for a contribution to my licence fee when im 75.They will get both barrels.they are a total disgrace.i hate the bbc more than any institution.i wish all their news correspondents and presenters will be sacked when the bbc is sold off to privatisation as it must be
  • Steve Davies 31st March 2017 at 12:21 am on In pictures: Brexit walkI just this second submitted this complaint too. I nearly fell off my chair in shock. It is so unashamedly and blatantly biased it's almost laughable. I just cannot fathom how the BBC can actually read articles like this and allow them to be published. They are supposed to provide a balanced viewpoint so they should have at a 50/50 split between anti and pro-Brexit people. I didn't even bother complaining direct to the BBC because they would say something like the photographer didn't come across any pro-Brexit people etc etc.
  • barry taylor 29th March 2017 at 8:26 pm on BBC NewsThe BBC are working covertly to try to engineer a fresh referendum.they need disbanding and privatising
  • barry taylor 29th March 2017 at 8:22 pm on 6 o clock newsL.Kuenssberg is a total disgrace.she is employed by the bbc which as a national broadcaster is a total disgrace.she and they are so biased against brexit and the government.she almost spits out her vitriol and they continually try to discredit anyone who voted leave,the bbc needs to be sold off and be funded through advertising and private investors
  • Mick Cooling 28th March 2017 at 5:27 pm on TodayPlease don't expect a reply that reeks of common sense.The BBC appears to be on a mission to ensure that all "Remain" voters will be proven right, and that all "Leave" voters so bitterly regret how they voted. I have joined the growing numbers of complainants to the BBC about their bias against Brexit. The answer I received was obviously drafted by a diplomatic moron, and pointed out that the BBC has a "duty of care regarding impartiality" etc etc. Sadly, we all have to accept that we have to put up with this for at least 2 more years.