Despite the vote for Brexit, the BBC output remains massively opposed to withdrawal from the EU. It is required by law to be impartial, but is not. At the same time, its complaints procedure is not fit for purpose. It is designed mainly to protect the BBC. With the process of Brexit now underway, it is vital that pressure is applied to force it to become properly fair. That is the purpose of this site.


This site has been created by News-watch. We have been monitoring the BBC’s output for 17 years and thus have unmatched experience and expertise. Our reports are already read at the highest level, and our purpose now is to ensure that the issues involved in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are properly covered. But we have limited resources, so we need your help. The BBC’s output is massive and a main tactic is to defend against accusations of bias by claiming that balancing material elsewhere has been missed. Every complaint registered here will be considered carefully and used as an essential part of our monitoring efforts and analysis.

News-watch is continuing its monitoring throughout the process of withdrawal, using new technology that allows the recording and searching in retrospect of a greater range of BBC output than has ever been possible. This will allow us to attack the BBC’s phoney defences more effectively. We are analysing with unprecedented range and depth areas such as content themes, the editorial stance of individual programmes, or the approach presenters over time.

We intend to put intense pressure on the BBC high command as Brexit unfolds. BBC Complaints will be a core part of that process. It is an easy-to-use conduit for you to be fully engaged in holding the Corporation to account.

Report EU Bias

Our hope is that you will alert us to as many examples as possible of BBC EU bias. Please register your observations below. We’ll feature some of the most interesting contributions on the site, and create an archive of complaints that will serve as a clear record of the Corporation’s failings.

We’re not linked to or affiliated with the BBC, and can’t guarantee that we will use your complaint directly in our work. As such, you may also wish to voice your concerns directly to the BBC using the Corporation’s own complaints procedure.

Featured Submissions

In this section are some of the most interesting contributions we’ve received about BBC EU Bias.
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Latest Submissions

Here are the most recent contributions to the site:

  • BBC Points West

    Programme Date:20/02/2017, BBC1

    During coverage of the position of migrant workers in a post Brexit world two members of the public were interviewed on the subject. The individuals interviewed I suspect were chosen to reienforce a stereo type of the average Brexit voter. Becoming very boring now, BBC give over.

  • BBC News

    Programme Date:19/02/2017, BBC Radio 2

    Reported Mandelson comments about Brexit and the Lords from the Marr show earlier that day but did not give the balanced opinion of MP Lizz Truss who appeared on the same Marr show

  • PM

    Programme Date:17/02/2017, BBC Radio 4

    Over coverage of Tony Blairs anti Brexit speech.Too much of the programe was dedicated to this speech and much discusion but no opposite view for balance.I am also told that BBC news 24 covered the whole speech with a union flag superimposed on the side of the picture which was fluttering as though the speech was some national call to arms.Very much overkill and very much in the BBC remain bias output.

    Author:play fair
  • tracy ulman show

    Programme Date:17/02/2017, BBC1

    Scene in cafe, yes the bloke is an idiot but when the cup is labeled voted for brexit, it is making the comment all brexit supporters are like this. Then 25 mins later i have to put up with tony blair pro eu news and anti trump news. You are not impartial .

  • 5 o’clock news

    Programme Date:17/02/2017, BBC Radio 4

    It wasn’t so much ‘The News’ as it was the grandstanding of Tony Blair’s call for people to ignore the result of the referendum and block Brexit’s. Whole swathes of his speech were played, with a couple of very short, dismissive references to people such as Boris who hold the opposite view. I really have had enough of the BBC’s bias. It’s everywhere; The news, comedy programmes, ‘factual’ programmes…

  • News

    Programme Date:17/02/2017, BBC Radio 4

    Outrageous support for Blair’s speech. Called only Blair supporters to comment and no opposing views. The BBC seem to be evermore biased without even a token look at the other view. How can this happen without being made to take a balanced approach as they are reqiured?


Recent Comments

  • George Murchie Esq. M.B.E. 22nd February 2017 at 10:59 am on Victoria DerbyshireTotally agree. It could well be called ABBC. ( ANTI BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION).It does nothing but try to run down this country whose freedom people have fought and died for. On today's Victoria programme she tried to get a coloured gentleman to say that he had been attacked with a knife. The gentleman denied it but it was another disgraceful attempt by Victoria to run down authority. Has she ever had a good word to say about anything?
  • Martin Bull 19th February 2017 at 10:16 am on The Andrew Marr ShowThere's so much opportunity to make Andrew and the Andrew Marr show a 'big hitter'. Clearly intelligent and eloquent, however as long as Andrew continues to avoid hard hitting questions and follow up with guests (particularly with left wingers) he will continue to be seen as a soft touch without a lot of credibility. I've just seen the shameful interview with the discredited Mandelson where he could have had Mandelson on the ropes questioning some of the 'hollow' Mandelson responses. Instead it seemed he put out questions to prime him. I'm now watching him with Liz Truss and he's interrupting.
  • Jeffrey Price 18th February 2017 at 5:31 pm on BBC BreakfastI firmly believe that bbc and the political establishment think we the people should not be alowed to vote if we are not going to tow their line.They are telling us this every day by not accepting a democratic vote.
  • Philip Morris 17th February 2017 at 7:32 am on Radio 4 today programmeLord Neuberger was also given an easy ride. Since his profession, indeed his own wife, had advocated the Remain arguments so strongly, to then proclaim himself to be impartial is beyond belief. Why was not the point put to him that you can it have it both ways! The BBC bias is positively tangible.
  • Ramsay Bolton 17th February 2017 at 2:18 am on QUESTION TIMEWhat a completely unconvincing combination of confirmation bias and anecdotal evidence. Please keep your uninformed opinions to yourself in future unless you have something significantly more substantive to provide.
  • Hilly 15th February 2017 at 12:37 pm on BBC BreakfastI agree. The BBC is working against the national interest with all this negativity and filtered news about leaving the EU. They have been very dishonest about the real reasons why the British people voted out, bashing away at their argument that we are all racist bigots. I can't wait until April when we can submit our complaints to Ofcom. At last a complaints system external to the BBC. Its time for the culture within the BBC to change so that it moves away from just representing the members of their 'club'. Hilly
  • Martin 10th February 2017 at 9:50 am on QUESTION TIMEQuite the opposite I have found. Dimbleby clearly is a Leave supporter. In all recent Question Times the Leavers get the ability to speak for as long as they want, while anyone in support of remain gets constantly interrupted and hecked by fellow panel members, before Dimbleby interrupts and moves on before the pro-remain person has completed their point, or even got a decent word in edgeways. Audience members are overwhelmingly Leave supporters. I know of large numbers of pro EU people who have tried to get on the programme, but have always failed because the bias is the opposite
  • stewgreen 9th February 2017 at 7:04 pm on Adrian ChilesThat's offering a Free Kick often used on R5 by Nicky Cameron et al "Before we talk about your new film/book/album what about your new president?"
  • Michael 7th February 2017 at 10:49 pm on Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum@Tee2. Absolutely agree. The BBC blame division in this country on parties like UKIP when it is they who continue to categorise and divide the country into sections - old, uneducated, working class, poor areas voted leave; young, optimistic, educated, middle class, affluent areas voted to remain. Absolute tosh - I'm 38, well educated and optimistic and voted to leave as did many others in my position. Hate and division are caused by those looking for someone to blame, ie, media outlets and remainers who can't accept the result. I've read the report and the evidence is severely lacking -
  • K 7th February 2017 at 1:54 pm on Have I Got News For YouWell, that is good to know!